Cyprus posting for RAMC

I'm at Keogh Bks just now about to start my cc cmt 2 training.
I've been told to start thinking of where i want to be posted on completion of the training.
Finding it hard to decide where to stop for three years as i have been moved around so much in the past 5 years being posted to places for 1 year max.
I'm quite interested on going to Cyprus.

Does any RAMC personnel or anyone else have any information on this matter as to is it possible to have a three year posting there straight out of cmt 2, what units are there, and is there any specialist training or experience required to be posted there.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
I may be wrong (and someone will correct me if I am!) but as a first posting as a CMT2 you will probably be restricted to medical units based either in the UK or Germany.

To get a posting to Cyprus one route would be as a CMT1 attached to the resident infantry unit. I am not sure if there are any other junior ranks CMT postings to Cyprus but I could be wrong.
Pretty sure that there are posts for OR CMT's at MRS Dhekelia, dunno what class CMT is required though.
Was at TPMH commuting regular to Episkopi & Dhekelia – 1999 to 2002 & then there were CMT & RMA 2 at each location so unless things have changed yes.
All CMT's posted to Cyprus must be Class One trained. We are responsible for manning the emergency ambulance service and therefore must be able to work unsupervised.
chokinthechicken said:
Dont tell the Grey Mafia FFS.

It will be a HCA'S job soon.!!!
Too late, when I was in Epi we had a QA full screw working in the med centre and doing duty medic. This meant going out on the ambulances, she was bloody good and some would argue better and safer than some of the other CMT and RMA's. All the CMTs were class 1's the RMA's were 1-3's.

Wee man.

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