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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Roger_Ramjet, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know current rates of LOA (if any at all) for Cyprus?

    Married SSgt no kids.

    Cheers for help.
  2. Approx £22 a day.
  3. Is that a Wah? I didn't think it would be that high. Is Cyprus expensive then? I was under the impression it was quite a cheap place to live. Mind you, anywhere is cheap compared to rip-off Britain!!
  4. It is a wah, you actually loose 1/3 of your daily rate. 1/6 for it being cheap in Cyprus, 1/6 for being a lucky cnut and being there in the first place!
  5. [/b]
    No wah my friend.

    Live the dream and enjoy the pop star wages.

    It is a cheap place to live except the NAAFI prices for Tesco type foods can be a bit steep.

    Beer, spirits, and fags are cheap as is Cypriot supermarket fare.

    The diving is excellent and working hours are less than that of the UK.

    The only downside is the island is heaving with fuckers from the RAF.
  6. Nice one. Cheers mate.

  7. It's about £25 a day.

    Just gone up due to the FFR change.
  9. Dear Geordie Blerk
    Hang about!! If it wasn't for the RAF you wouldn't get to the island!! You are only bitter cos we have the best facilities, cinema bowling alley, best beaches, Dreamrers Water Ski club. The only people I ever heard moaning in Cyprus were the pongos cos the wife couldn't find a Woolworths or C&As and they had run out of Ron Hills and white high heels!!
  10. Although it sounds a nice posting Cyprus does have its downsides, like every other posting, I was there for a year, shopping IS expensive if you want to eat decent food, the LOA sounds a lot but you will use it, believe me. The winters are a long drag as the beaches are obviously a no goer, however skiing in Troodos is great fun.

    Some of the RAF are good lads!!
  11. onWell said Sir, free ride on the Trooper for you!! (If it takes off)
  12. Go native mate and it's cheap as chips.

    Like anywhere really, go near the sea front and you pay through the nose. Go where the locals go and it's local rates. But best of all, you don't even have to get out of the car at the petrol station, just slide down the window and hand over the wonga!

    Second hand cars are pricey. What you'd pay £1000 for here will be about double in theatre. Unless your going to buy a new car, I would seriously consider shipping your own, it's about £450-£500.

    If you're a SLIM, stick a mobile air-con unit in your MFO, either that or spend June - Sep on the 'Sweat Yer Nuts off Diet' It can be unbearable.

    If you get out and about there is lots to do on the Island.

  13. I believe there was a presentation given, re/ Cyprus LOA just the other day. Anybody know any details?
  14. Fcukin balls.

    Cypair mate, much better, and we all know the one reason why we are out there.......

    Ayia Napa!
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