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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by trooper142, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. anyone know the current rate for WO2 accompanied with one child ?(i realise the rates are going down soon though)
  2. Is your dad getting posted then?
  3. its difficult to find LOA rates, unless you phone somebody in that theatre who is in the same circumstance as yourself, accompanied +1. phone up your new unit and ask. there is now defining document
  4. thanks for the help so far
    sorry i guess i should have been more specific Biscuits_AB
    WO2 married accompanied + 1 child
    as it goes im the husband off and the wife`s just been given the option of a posting to either germany or cyprus i was just wondering which will be the better option
    germany more loa (though due to be reduced )i believe or cyprus being an unemployed beach bum
    as a family weve spent loads of time in germany but never been to cyprus
  5. SSgt married no children is £23 and a bit pence a day. Money for fack all. Happy days and 3rd degree burns on the beach.
  6. M/ACC + 1 - SSGT/WO2 £27.31
  7. any truth to the alleged cuts due to be implemented to loa?
    and if so are the figures of 20% true?
  8. the ffr as dropped from 1.31 to 1.17 , can anyone tell me how much is the loa is for a cpl and 2 kids, or is the loa bieng reduced to , help ??????
  9. Anyone can access LOA rates from JPA. It is available on the SPVA website (that’s the screen where you log on to JPA) under professional then do a search on LOA and it will fetch up the LOA for every country where LOA is in issue. Hope this helps pm me if you want rates table emailing
  10. The LOA will increase because of the decrease in the FFR.

    At present, I reckon you would be probably be on around £27/28 a day.
  11. From 1 Dec in Cyprus Married Accompanied with one child is £44.01 - It will be rising around a tenner for most. Where on earth did the £27 come from - it hasnt been that for AGES!
  12. Cyprus Cpl + 2 1 Dec 08 = £35.37 @1.17FFR
  13. If thats correct then we will be slighter better off on the lower exchange rate than we were on the FFR of 1.31!
  14. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you have done Germany, go to Cyprus. 2 years in the sun, windsurfing/waterskiing (gets a bit chilly in winter...). Great for kids - beach, horse-riding classes, sports... . Lots to do. Take the opportunity to travel about (off Cyprus to North Africa) when you get there and make the most of it. (I've done both postings and pros and cons for each, but mostly all on the updside !).
  15. any chance of a spr/pte + 2 loa rate please????, one of our lads posted there in sept & cannot find feck all on dii, cheers.