Cyprus (in general)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Unholy_Wars, Dec 22, 2002.

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  1. What do you think of it??
  2. Excellent

    It's hot, it has beaches, beer, blondes , especially from April onwards.

    It's everything a growing boy needs...

    Anything else?  ;D
  3. Have only ever been there as a holiday-maker, it was bizzare to encounter the green line - presumably with Turkey as a 'wannabe' EU member then a resolution of the Cyprus question is a given  ?
  4. Crap...would slash wrists (and wife's too) if posted there.... :(

    Give me Deutschland any day! ;D
  5. I agree with Eagle.  Once the novelty of the beaches and the sunshine have worn off,  the place just reminds me of a building site.  8)
  6. put it this way its bloody freezin @ the moment!! It may only be 6 degrees celcius (Warmer than the uk!!) but we are sufferin out here!! Thers f** all 2 do during winter apart from troodos!! :mad:
  7. Top tour while it lasted ( 2+ yrs) but couldn't wait to get home................ The novelty had definitely worn off.

    Winter yuk - the 3mth Christmas break in Kosovo was a welcome relief!  Summer superb. Liver still trying to recover 2yrs later.

    Please don't send me back as a singlie.
  8. Cyprus?

    Well it's an Absolute shower

    Grins Terry Thomas stylee! ;D
  9. Is this 'Absolute Shower' thing included in all of your posts, meant to be witty?  Try grinning in an 'Absolute F*ckwit' Stylee, as that about sums you up.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Did 4 Lion Suns, wouldnt have liked a posting, the novelty would soon have warn off! Give me Sennelager anytime!
  11. Or some from my father's time.....

    Caribbean, Hong Kong, Middle East.....

    I think we need to go invade somewhere, or at least ask one or two countries if they'd mind becoming colonies again..... ;D
  12. when does it start getting warm again in Cyprus???

    please say by the start of Feb.....
  13. It starts to get warm round about March or April........but it will still be warm too anyone who comes from the U.K!!Wait till Feburary if you like winter sports!! Hey I think everyones entitled to thier own opinion!! Rock on with the comments!! It's interesting to know peoples opinions!! :)
  14. Loved it, got back in Nov 02 after 2 of the best years in my service life (other than working with the RAF).

    Good work environment, MQ, social life & the kids were spoilt for what to do next, plus they were the safest they have ever been.

    On top of that, tax free car etc, holiday allowance (went to Egypt on mine), easy access to Lebanon, Greece, Syria, Israel & so on.

    Send me back please.