Cyprus: How is SODEXO doing? Catering, Retail and Leisure.


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I left Cyprus in October '07 just as SODexo where taking over the Catering, Retail and Leisure contracts and I was just reading a thread complaining about NAAFI in Germany so I wondered how SODexo are doing.

They certainly talked a good show in all the presentations, and it would be hard to do worse than NAAFI but I've been a SODexo 'customer' before and only once - Gamecock Barracks - was it a satisfying experience.
They are not doing too bad mate.

Usual teething problems, time frames not adheared to etc.

Much better than the experiance I had with NAAFI in BFG
i dont live in so cant speak first hand
one of the blokes said that the sgts mees ran out of food yesterday at dinner, which is pretty poor. i know that very few people eat in the mess since PAYD came in.
still waiting on the beach club being renovated.

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