Cyprus Greenjackets to be released this year.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 17, 2006.

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  1. The three Greenjackets who were convicted of the murder of the Danish tour guide Louise Jensen are to be released thirteen years early. This is because the Cypriot president reduced the sentences of all serving prisoners when he came to office, otherwise the men should have served a minimum of 15 years of their 25 year sentences.

    After complaints from the victim's family, the Danish Justice Minister Lene Espersen, has attempted to have the decision reversed, but has been unsuccessful.

    Link to the story in Danish:
  2. I'm very surprised, I've been out since 99 but the last I heard Ford had tried to kill one of the guards in Nicosia nick but that was obviously carp.. They actually tried to get my mate out with them that night but he was on Guard. Sliding doors eh?..
  3. Very, had a GJ bloke tip up on a course I was on as he was trying to transer to teh para reg, said he shared a room with one of the blokes and had almost gone out with them...

    Then again he could have just been talking cr*p!

    Maybe if someone else had gone along it wouldn't have happend. You never can tell.
  4. Nice to see that our country is not the only one where "you commit the crime - you do the time" appears out-of-sync with political thinking................ :x
  6. Who let them take an entrenching tool in with them.........
  7. Pleased to see they're getting garden needs turning over.
  8. I was in Cyprus then (as a civvie) and the event is as disgusting now as it was then. Those bast*rds should rot for what they did to that girl. The President, Tassos Papadopoulos, another lawyer, managed to help Milosovic's millions through the UN and EU embargo by transferring the wedge through Cyprus - amongst other unsavoury acts. He pled for partition rather than reunification and is shacked up politically with the Cypriot communists. Nothing this man does can surprise me.
  9. Get ready for the locals to kick off over this one. The guys in Episkopi & Dekhalia best dust down their hard hats & visors. I remember when they kicked off over the pylons in Akrotiri in 2000, not a fun place to be.
  10. I was serving in Cyprus then and was having a few days off in Napa. We'd run into Ford and some others previously and can remember seeing him that night. The rest is history as was going on the lash in Napa! W*nkers the lot of 'em.
  11. I'm ex RGJ and there is a bloke were i work who is also ex RGJ that has spun that "i nearly went out with them that night" schizen aswell ! Either they asked loads of blokes to go out that night or there are too many Cluffin Bunts out there !
  12. Can quite categorically state it's true. If you can get hold of the sun newspaper from Sept '94, the one with their arrest photos in it, check out the t-shirts a couple of them are wearing - t-shirts they'd swapped with some of our blokes whilst on the lash. As a side note, it wasn't just the kileeres who were nobs out there - 90% of the battalion were tubes.
  13. Tubes,i hav'nt heard that for ages :D
  14. Why? Is no-one speaking to you?
  15. Ha Ha Gleaming...