Cyprus exercises and parades cancelled

have I missed something in the News recently? anyone know what this is about?

Minister for Europe, Caroline Flint, comments on the cancellation of military exercises in Cyprus

Caroline Flint MP, Minister for Europe, today said:

"I applaud the decision of the two leaders in Cyprus to cancel the military exercises and parades that were due to take place later this month, and in November. This is a very positive development which shows what can be achieved through trust and co-operation. I encourage the leaders to continue to conduct negotiations in the same constructive manner."

Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL
Well, from Wiki:

The largest military exercise is named Nikiforos-Toxotis, and this is the main annual war games of the Republic of Cyprus, with cooperation from the Hellenic armed forces.

[edit] Nikiforos-Toxotis
The Nikiforos-Toxotis exercise is typically held on an annual basis, though on several occasions, it has been cancelled for political reasons. The exercise involves the mobilisation of all active forces and the majority of first-line reserve forces, as well as elements of the second-line forces and Home Guard. Participating units are usually instructed to implement live-fire practice of their associated armaments as part of an organised training program, routinely against mock-up targets. This includes tanks, armoured vehicle mounted weapons, general artillery, anti-tank artillery, mortar artillery and the full spectrum of infantry carried small arms. The exercise implements the organisation and tactics of combined-arms warfare, and also invites participation from the Hellenic Air Force and Navy, as well as the Greek ELDYK contingent in Cyprus.

[edit] International Reaction to Nikiforos-Toxotis
The Turkish Government routinely reacts to the Nikiforos-Toxotis exercise by organising its own military exercises in northern Cyprus, and occasionally by conducting penetrative violations of the Nicosia Flight Information Region (FIR) with its Air Force jet aircraft. The Turkish Government routinely denounces the use of the Nikiforos-Toxotis exercise.

[edit] Timeline of Nikiforos-Toxotis Exercises
Nikiforos-Toxotis 95 - Completed with Greek air and naval participation.1
Nikiforos-Toxotis 96 - Completed over 5 days with Greek air and naval participation. Turkish fighter aircraft violate the Nicosia FIR and interfere with Greek military aviation. ²
Nikiforos-Toxotis 97 - Completed over 5 days with Greek air and naval participation. Turkey reacted by holding the "Toros" military exercise in the north of the island. ³
Nikiforos-Toxotis 98 - Completed over 5 days with Greek air and naval participation, followed by military parade in Larnaca. Turkey reacted with airspace violations of the Nicosia FIR.4
Nikiforos-Toxotis 99 - Completed over 5 days with Greek air and naval participation, followed by military parades in Larnaca and Paphos. 5
Nikiforos-Toxotis 2000 - Completed with Greek air and naval participation. Altercations reported between Greek and Turkish warplanes. 6
Nikiforos 2001 - Completed without Greek air and naval participation (Toxotis phase), which is postponed indefinitely due to political considerations. 7
Nikiforos(-Toxotis) 2002 - Cancelled 8
Nikiforos(-Toxotis) 2003 - Cancelled 9
Nikiforos(-Toxotis) 2004 - Cancelled 10
Nikiforos 2005 - Completed over three days without Greek air and naval participation. 11
Nikiforos 2006 - Completed over five days without Greek air and naval participation.12
I recall being with the UN at Nicosia and each year having to contend with the childish behaviour and tit for tat exercises/show of force between the Greek Cypriots and TRNC. Good to see they might be growing up at last...... but I suspect it will not last!

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