Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cruisecontrol, May 5, 2005.

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  1. does anyone know the score with taking cars to cyprus if you are posted there ?
  2. Yes, it's a very long drive mate and gets hotter as you get nearer.
  3. stick it in your mfo m8
  4. how you doin cruise me old m8?
  5. alright mate fighting through
  6. how u know not posted there ops?
  7. good day trip today was it?
  8. got a bit hairy but apart from that got back alive.
  9. cheers ops
  10. why what happened chief? Trouble and strife giving you grief?
  11. anyway sell your motor in uk....get to cyprus and buy one tax free! how bout that?
  12. On a serious note. If your car is worth taking, you'll have to get a shipping company to do it for you (Large 4x4 £800 ish), probably better to flog it, then buy tax free. If it's a classic and worth keeping, stick it in storage, rather than have hairy arrsed Cypriots crash into it.

    Is it worth keeping?

    Is that what you would do with your chavved up nova? Stick to dobbing tech's in, instead of sullying threads with your razor sharp wit.
  13. This a fcukin Forum or chat room?
  14. not t&s mate it was that greasy bkfast i had.

    dont like new ones.
  15. so sorry keep to the subject matter cruise!