Cyprus arrsers


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Thought some of you might be up for a cake and arrse party prior to christmas either inside the wire or out in toon somehwere, if theres any interest let me know and we'll doooo it.
Also someone suggested an Arrse weekend up troodos in feb when there is snow abaat, any takers?
Feb will be too late for snow. You want to go late Dec - Jan, you can view this web page for further insight. The snow didn't last long this year either.

Plus Cyprus celebrates it's Christmas around the 6th of January, the place to be for new yrs eve would be Nicosia. Ayia Napa will only be full of Islanders but it is better at that time of year.

Are their still arrsers in Cyprus?


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Loads I believe!
I am snow mad and got 6 weekends and about 5 other days up the mountain last/this year. Snow normally arrives in sufficient depth around second week in Jan and this year was Ski able until late Feb. the best was the whole of Feb in fact but managed my last day in March.
Thinking about a Sesh pre christmas in Limmasol or Larnaca depending on where the majority are. not discounting Nicosia mind, Depends on where the majority is.
Ach Nicosia is full of life but Larnaca and Limmasol are cheaper and closer to others from what I can remember. Larnaca is more of a 'strip bar' town and limmasol has a better night life.

That's not fair, we had to cancel a few Ski sessions up Troodos last year in Feb due to the lack of snow. Some lass shattered her leg due to it, think some one was telling porkies :)

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