Cyprus and pets

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. Thinking about putting Cyprus on my dream sheet.

    In the unlikely event of MCM Div sending me there, has anyone taken a dog to cyprus?

    Have done some research but, not looking good. Quite costly to fly them out, so thought about them driving down, and having a little holiday on route.

    Anyone know about the 6 month house quartine?

    Any help on ferries, flights, etc would be appreciated.

  2. Have pm'd you :D
  3. I'm after the same sort of info if anyone can help.

    Das Hund has a pet passport and is up-to-date on all its jabs and when looking here:

    DEFRA PETS Approved Countries

    Cyprus is listed on there so he can get straight back in, so the return leg of the extended holiday....err posting is over he just needs the usually PETS stuff before flying back.

    Does anyone have any idea of costs to fly him out there and do the Cyprus authorities still require him to be under house quarantine for 6 months and any other genereal info that would benfit.

    Thanks in advance

  4. If possible drive to Germany then fly out.

    My mate flew his dog from Duss and it cost him 120Euro.

    Someone who is posted out to the sun next month just paid over 800 quid!! from robbing UK!
  5. I'm flying my two dogs out to Cyprus. Wouldn't maind knowing who he flew them with, it's going to cost me 1150 euros to fly mine from frankfurt. Couldn't find an airline that would let me fly them on their own while I fly from Brize so having to use a pet moving firm. Any help on that matter would be great.

    As long as they are passported up and have all the jabs/flea and tick treated they can just go straight in, no quarantine.
  6. Once your animals arrive at Larnaca airport be prepared to fork out even more cash. The robbing Cypriot 'vet' will lighten your wallet by £cy70 just to look at your pet's paperwork! Refuse to pay and say goodbye to your furry friends.

    Also be prepared for the conditions of your pets cages etc when they arrive.

    No water, p1ss and sh1te everywhere. The Cypriots do not have any compassion when it comes to animals.

    All they see in an animal is food.
  7. The Cypriots don't get their hands on my dogs till about 6 in the morning so the state of the kennels won't be down to them.

    £cy30 per dog I was told today by the kennels picking them up from dhekelia.
  8. Follow this link , hope it works full of good advice(try to speak with or contact Christine she deals with imports and exports).
    We sorted it all out ourselves on the way to Cyprus but we experienced some problems with the company we chose (middle of the quotes we received).
    Wish we had known about BARC before we travelled and we will definitely be using their expertise on our return to UK .
  9. Seconded, BARC are excellent. the Army vet at Epi is very helpful too.
  10. All really good advice. I emailed BARC and they sent contact info for BFAWS (the kennels at the other end). Now nearly all sorted, just have to pay for the flight for mine. Bit pricey but worht it I think.
  11. Second all the comments on BARC - top class organisation. Ref the Cypriot Vet - be prepared to hand over the money (cash - no receipt!) otherwise you are likely to get visits at home when your pooch is supposedly in "house quarantine"; needless to say you will have to pay for those as well.

    [this was 4 years ago - things might have changed/improved]