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Hello all,
In brief, I have a mate who is due to be posted to Nicosia later this year for a tour with the UN.
As it's a UN tour and he's not being housed in a SBA, he is having difficulty finding out those little gems of info that make a move to foreign climes that much easier.
I've just been chatting to his missus and she says the UN admin phone lines are as much use as tits on fish. Basically what they need to know is:
How do you get your car imported to Cyprus and how much will it cost/whats the cheapest way to import a vehicle? (They've got a big family-so want to take their people carrier rather than hunt for one when they get there).
Whats the pads like in Nicosia?
Whats the local school facilities like for UN dependants?
Whats the process for insuring a dog-if you're not based in a SBA?
Is there any stuff (youth clubs etc) for older kids run by the UN?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
He's been given a pad in Nicosia by the UN. He's not doing TOSCA. I'm unsure of his appointment, but he's UN permanent staff for 2 years. He's away with work at the mo, and his wife (no names-opsec etc) was talking to mine about the move. She said she called the hive in Akrotiri but she couldnt get definitive answers on the above as they wont be based in the SBA. The Hive were a bit dismissive to her-I can only think this is because they're not going to be SBA dependents.
If they are in a UN post in Nicosia then they will probably be based in Nicosia Airport. The quarters are UK MOD owned and are in good nick.

The rest will be covered in their admin instructions for the move. As for taking a car over I looked at taking a car back from Cyprus and it was a complex route.


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