Cyprus 2008

Is there anyone who is going to Cyprus next year with 2 Sigs Bde? :D

I am wondering if you know what job you will be doing out there and what the general feeling about going is?

Is there anything out yet as to where the training will take place, will some of it be done down at Llyd and Hythe? Wot kind of training will it be? :?

Thanks. :)
We had a briefing about it from our Adj last Tuesday. Its going to basically involve patrolling the area of responsibility and sangar duties. I may be putting my name down, if we have another British summer like we've had here I'll need Cyprus to sort my tan out.
Your not wrong bout the weather, my old reg are out there at the moment, some of me mates say its sh*t but the weather is great.

All we've been told is that training starts in August but noone is telling us what it involves.
my name is down for it already. i have a list of our training dates and what the training will be. will post it on here tomorrow morning when i confirm it today.

looking forward to doing some sangar bashing as i have several books that need reading and some hardcore porn.....sorry i mean to observe my arcs and report suspicious activity to the QRF

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