Cyprus 2002

Oh i miss those days. . . . .

Finishing work at 13.30

Brandy sours



:cry: :cry: :cry:

Send me back, please send me back.
Managed to have a tour over my 21st, drunken time had by all.
I can see this thread is dead but ha ha I'm still in Cyprus :lol:
Of course it's a bit chilly here at the mo
sometimes it drops below 15 degrees :wink:
youll soon be back, then before you know it youll be out in Shaibah, summer tour, mid-day temps of 60 degrees C, from the entertainment capital of the world to repeated toss tours like the rest of us, bet you cant wait! :wink:

Must admit though, Hong Kong beat the shite out of Cyprus :D
Aah Paphos!, dont, I'm getting all misty! (sniff) :D
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