Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by slab, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. Just picked up January's Soldier magazine from my local TA unit. The front cover features an attractive young operator with a magnifying glass (IA?). I note that her beret is alot darker than the Cypress green that used to be worn. Is this a trick of the light or are we using AG Corps berets now?

    The inside article explains the spread of Corps operations throughout the world, but fails to mention NI at all. Have I missed something , or is the Corps presence in the province non-PC now?

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  2. most storemen don't give a flying .... whether it's cypress green or AGC green, they just throw you a green beret
  3. then throw the f*cker back at them. if we don't bother to distinguish between the two, why should they?

    you wouldn't accept a red or black beret; AGC green is the wrong colour too.
  4. I don't know if anyone has tried Du Bora's recently ??

    Cypress Green

    They are perhaps more likley to know what you want, than someone who has reached the pinnacle of his or her military carreer in the clothing store in BFPO- Back-of-beyond.

    Myself, I prefer to stick with my old favourite from James Lock & Co these days: [​IMG]
  5. Does that come in Cypress greeen too?

    I just thought of a great wind up :twisted:
  6. From that DuBora's link:

    "Customers who bought this product (Cyprus Green (Intelligence Corps) Custom Beret) also purchased...

    Beret Bows (for the back of berets)
    Sand (Special Air Service (SAS)) Custom Beret
    Black (Royal Tank Regiment) Custom Beret

    Commando Green (Royal Marines) Custom Beret
    Scarlet (Royal Military Police) Custom Beret
    Maroon (Parachute Regiment) Custom Beret

    Some people get around a bit, eh?
  7. Apparently the AGC originally wanted a darker green, close to the Royal Marines but they got told to F*ck off. Then they asked for a lighter green, we told them to F*ck off it was too close to ours and they took it on anyway!
  8. as one who has worn the original blue-black and the green one, I think rather that the Directorate of the day may not have been paying attention when the AGC put their proposal to the Army Dress Committee.
  9. as for link, what sort of sad fcuker buys beret bows, and then attaches to said ferret? CNUTS. only seen this personally on one RMP beret, and he was despised within the RMP!

    IS IT NOT easy enough to get back to Chicksands to get a Beret whilst on courses/briefings/Harman/central mess functions etc, and if not someone in your unit will be passing through at some point?

    I find that the bright light green colour we take as cypress only appears after several hot washes in the sink and shrinking, when a lot of dye is removed. The AGC SPS beret is quite a bit darker than ours, but the bloody mpgs is far too close...indistinguishable in my eyes ! (although in my unit the SPS get issued Cypress green... :roll: )
  10. WHAT 8O 8O

    The travesty of it. I hope they are honoured to wear it and respect it at all times. Do they wear it because they are attached to an Int Corps unit or just because the blanket stacjers can't be arrsed to order AGC berets?
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I do think they should have been 'given' the old WRAC beret - dark green with a rusty red patch behind the badge - as they are, after all, the 'All Girls Corps'. I remember losing my rag somewhat when, on a course a couple of years back, some fückwit Royal Signals corporal started asking my advice on matters educational.
  12. Hmm, sounds familiar Cpunk. I remember as a full screw being asked by a loggie "Why are a bunch of clerks doing a motorbike course"

    SSgt H (also on course) replies "Look at the cap badge you fecking halfwit!!"
  13. because the civvy blanketstackers dont know and could not be bothered to find out, and SPS not the brightest, bless'em. 4 SPS, outnumbered quite a bit by Int Corps and MPGS,... everyone is supposed to wear own headress at my unit anyway.

    We could solve this problem by executing every last clerk, with an icepick to the back of the neck, thus removing the possiblity of mistaken Corps identity...and having the army-wide benefit of reducing to zero overnight, the likelihood of screwed up MMA claims, and a hefty saving on wagebills and rations.
  14. isnt that called JPA or something? :)
  15. who scews up my MMA claims? Obviously a subject close to my heart :)

    Ice pick is too good for them!!