Cypress green beret /8206J beret W H Y ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by blasebloke, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Why does the Intelligence Corps have a beret so similar in shade to the AGC? This issue has been thrashed out before, but just in a ‘where can I get a Cypress green beret from/why does the QM dish us out AGC berets’ etc.

    I have heard the tired argument that ‘it’s obvious the shades are different’, they are not… Faded AGC berets look… Like Cypress green Int Corps berets…!

    What I would be interested to know is what the party line is on why this happened. I take it when the AGC formed up in the early 90s the beret shade was put forward (8206J), who approved it? I would have thought the Army Dress Committee had the final word; how did they come to the decision that it would be useful to have two Corps berets so closely matched in shade?

    Was the Int Corps informed prior to the beret shade submission and given an opportunity to say fcuk off? Or was it traditionally military, i.e. the change was finally observed one morning in the queue at the NAAFI?!

    Not all the AGC wear the green beret anyway (ETS/RMP/MPGS etc, correct me if I am wrong). Bar RMP (scarlet), they wear the general service beret, dark blue.

    I know this will result in some older servicemen and women giving it ‘I remember when I wore a general service beret/side hat/pith helmet in the Corps’, mmmrrrrrrrr etc, I’m anticipating that.

    Just interested in hearing anything other than an old wives tale as to how this came about.

    No, I’m not some Corps-pissed individual that wants to annoy the AGC (not my intention at all), would like to hear the history on this. What is the AGC view on this, must be some of you out there lurking? Would they like to stay in the green beret, or go to the general service one?

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  2. Thanks DTC, they are both there. The thing that interests me is why the decision was taken to have these Corps with so similar a head dress, when it is plainly an odd choice given the range they could have flicked through prior to the decision. Is there history behind the colour chosen for the AGC beret, or did somebody just go 'give me a colour starting with G' :?
  3. might be worth posting in the AGC forum
  4. Could it be because the AGC took in a lot of WRAC and they wore a green beret and hat if I remember correctly.
  5. Thanks craftsmanx, did a quick Google and...

    Looks like you are spot on.

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  12. So then Halomonkey, what’s your view on your sister branches choice of WRAC green?
  13. I would have to say let them keep it I sure as hell don't want it. Although concur with the idea it might be something to do with the old WRAC links.
  14. Yeah, with you on that; just need some lurking old timer to give the consensus a good old confirm/deny.

    Somebody out there must have the answer?!