Discussion in 'RAC' started by Last_man_sir!, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Currently on the hunt for CYCLOPS sqn photos throughout the years! I have a list of those which i have. I would like to see how many i can get from 1950 to present day. If anyone has any of the missing years, would they be prepared to scan it and e-mail it to me?

    These are the ones i have.
    1956 - Black and White
    1965 - Black and White
    1985- 4Tp Fally (Tp Photo only)
    1992 - Fally
    1994 - Cyprus
    1997 - Belfast
    1999 - Fally
    2003 - Fally
    2006 - Hohne
    2007 - Iraq

    I would be happy to scan and return any of the above!

    Many Tanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ive some great pictures of woofers in 76, no use to you. But i was pleased how they came out.
  3. Have you looked on Facebook?
    There seem to be some Cyclops photos dotted around on there (of various vintages).
    You might have to be logged in to see them?
    I expect there are loads more, if you look?

    (I have no idea whether posting the above links on here is against Arrse's PERSEC/OPSEC rules, so please delete (or tell me to delete) if there is any problem.)