Cyclops would take pay cut to help jobless!

It's easy enough for him to say that he's willing to take a pay cut, knowing that there's a snowball's chance in hell of it actually happening.

But then he always did love his grand gestures which are totally meaningless. The cnut.

I'd like to see him take a lot more than a pay cut..... the smug, self opinionated idiot has done bugger all for me or the country, was never elected to his privileged post of PM and I'm sick of seeing his insincere shows of sympathy...... when it suits him, otherwise it's scapegoats and silence.
He'll take a pay cut just before the election to screw over whoever takes over from him.
TopBadger said:
I reckon the public would like to see him take a throat cut ... i'll even loan him the knife.
Loan him one? I'm prepared to go out and buy one specially for him (and thereby helping the economy too) I'm sure we could auction (for charity) the right to hold the knife for him.
Every time this cnut opens his mouth you know its going to be either a lie, evasive, an empty platitude, patronising, arrogant or indeed all five.
The interview was featured on BBC News 24 this afternoon. His smug, smarmy, patronising avoidance of a simple question had me looking for the nearest housebrick to chuck at the telly. He really can't give a straight answer to a simple question....and he expects people to believe him when he say's he's not PM for the money??
Why hasn't he already?
baldbof said:
His smug, smarmy, patronising avoidance of a simple question had me looking for the nearest housebrick to chuck at the telly.
He (and I might add most of his government) have the same effect on me. Its suddenly hit me (no, not the brick). This is his plan for Economic stimulus. Every time he appears on TV the sales of new TV's goes up. To replace the ones with building materials logged in them.
Posting this off to him tommorow.

Dear Mr. Brown

I write regarding a piece in the Telegraph where the following statement is made “The Prime Minister was meeting a group of unemployed youngsters when he was asked whether he would consider handing over part of his £194,250 salary to people suffering as a result of the downturn.” I am currently suffering in this downturn and this month have already being stung with a £820 repair bill for my vehicle, tell a lie, it was actually £819.93. I would be grateful if you could make out a cheque to myself and pop it in the post for me. I understand the government is suffering when it comes to money too, so I am graciously willing to accept £800 and take the hit of £19.93 myself. Everybody needs to make sacrifices in this our country's hour of need and I am willing to do so.

Yours faithfully


Think I'll get a response? :D
Dear Mr Vampireuk

I share your concerns about the high cost of motor car maintainance, that is why I introduced the car scrappage scheme which has been a resounding success. Rest assured that I will continue to take the right measures to steer this country out of this recession which started in America. I am often struck by the enthusiasm of our young people to work hard and become doctors and car mechanics, the policies of the previous conservative government did not produce enough of either which is why I have put in place a highly successful scheme to train our youngsters in the necessary skills to heal the sick and repair your car. I need not point out that the large bill you received is entirely down to the policy of the last conservative government and that the measures I have put in place will make sure that any future bills you receive will be much reduced. I have also personally created the finest health service this country has ever seen, a service that you will be proud to drive your well maintained car too when you require the services of one of my personally trained doctors.

I remain convinced that this is the right thing to do for the good of the nation and so shortly will you.

Yours faithfully

RtHon G Brown MP
Come the glorious day of the General Election I fear it will be marred a bit by Brown not losing his seat. His income will still take a "hit" by dropping back to that of a back bencher - excluding all the "safety nets" that MPs and Ministers have voted themselves for that situation.
theoriginalphantom said:
He'll take a pay cut just before the election to screw over whoever takes over from him.
Politicians love to do that sort of thing. Here in the US, Clinton, before he left office, passed a law eliminating lifetime Secret Service for former presidents for all presidents elected in the future. He covered himself but Bush and Obama will not get the coverage.
So when will the MPs take cuts in wages (allowances, etc).

Oh they wont, just more O2 theivery from bruin.
Get that smooth tongued devil Flashy to talk him into taking a bullet in the back of the neck to help the jobless.

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