Cyclops - back to haunt us and **** up the World's kids.

Perhaps his job is along these lines...

Let's hope he teaches kids that spelling Brown as Bruin and Blair as Bliar is about as funny as cot death.
Clearly the European Soviet Union didn't want the failed psychotic ass, so the United Nations stepped in - just about sums up the United Nations. Does this appalling man continue to draw his ill-gotten salary from Parliament? I bet his constituents feel really well represented.
Just another example of politicians getting highly paid posts for doing nothing and then fiddling the expenses. I am so fed up with it, at my age I should be a happy bunny, not Mr Angry!
Yeah, but it's still worth doing because it winds you up. :twisted:
Yup. So enraged was I that I typed some words on the internet in a normal font. :-/
Bliar appeared in the press recently musing that he'd like to have another go at being a politician! I think he'd make a cracking second in command to McBruin.
I did once wonder what I'd have to do to get on the gravy train Peter, Neil, Tony, et al were on; cock up as much as you like, lie, cheat and rob, you will still get paid way above your abilities, and if proved a complete idiot, get promoted upwards, like the last Governor of Hong Kong, eh Chris?

I did look into the small print; I decided to stay with my work as a drug dealing paedophile, on the grounds I could sleep at night, and keep my self respect.
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