Cyclops - back to haunt us and **** up the World's kids.

Clearly the European Soviet Union didn't want the failed psychotic ass, so the United Nations stepped in - just about sums up the United Nations. Does this appalling man continue to draw his ill-gotten salary from Parliament? I bet his constituents feel really well represented.
Just another example of politicians getting highly paid posts for doing nothing and then fiddling the expenses. I am so fed up with it, at my age I should be a happy bunny, not Mr Angry!
Bliar appeared in the press recently musing that he'd like to have another go at being a politician! I think he'd make a cracking second in command to McBruin.
I did once wonder what I'd have to do to get on the gravy train Peter, Neil, Tony, et al were on; cock up as much as you like, lie, cheat and rob, you will still get paid way above your abilities, and if proved a complete idiot, get promoted upwards, like the last Governor of Hong Kong, eh Chris?

I did look into the small print; I decided to stay with my work as a drug dealing paedophile, on the grounds I could sleep at night, and keep my self respect.

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