Cyclists in General!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by fltpilot, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Just had the pleasure of a walk through Richmond Park this morning, first time in 10 years.
    But so many cyclists in the park, some riding 2, 3 or 4 a breast with total disgust for car drivers.
    They dont pay road tax so obviously rule the road - wrong!

    Must admit some joy when break testing one going up the hill towards Kingston Gate.
    Only the other day in London, one seemed to go up the side of a 30 tonner & get killed.
    And it's always the driver that gets the blame and not the twat on the bike!
  2. You ought not to take strolls if they leave you feeling beside yourself with rage.
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  3. No such thing as road tax, it is vehicle excise duty and is paid into the big pot of tax revenue. So we all pay for the roads and infrastructure if you drive or not.
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  4. Although the scenario you've described seems unlikely, if true it points to a cataclysmic shortage of breasts in Richmond Park. I'll write to my MP.
  5. I'm guessing that in the UK motorists have to have insurance if they hit someone. Who pays the medical bills etc if some poor **** gets creamed by a cyclist?
  6. It sounds like you disgust is to the fact cyclists don't pay towards road up-keep - they don't create much wear, damage or pollution though do they.

    The roads don't get fixed anyway so who gives a ****!
  7. Personally I belong to the CTC that gives me £3m in insurance cover and free legal access as well plus a few other benefits.
  8. We all do - it's called the NHS :)
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  9. A significant percentage don't seem to think that rules apply to them. Where I live they constantly ride on the pavement and go the wrong way down one way streets. Our council is green so they pander to them. What is the situation of you creamed by one of them, do you take out a civil action against them, will the police prosecute them?
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  10. You can be done for furious cycling, and you can take out a civil prosecution the same as any other claim. The ambulance chasers are only to happy to do it for you. The police will generally issue fixed tickets, I think £30 is the going rate for riding on the pavement or jumping lights.

    I am a cyclist and a driver, but the things that piss me off are cyclists jumping lights and riding on the pavement and car drivers not giving enough room for passing.
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  11. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    As someone who has ridden motorbikes, flown helicopters, drives a car, commuted in London by bicycle/foot and still cycles quite frequently I always find it bizarre how upset people get by cyclists. Sure people behave badly on bicycles (and I certainly did) but the fact remains that so do lots of people in other vehicles (anyone sped in a 30 zone?). The difference is that the impact on a cyclist is likely to be far more severe.

    I was knocked off my bicycle at the Middle Wallop roundabout by a car joining the A343 roundabout from Andover where I had right of way. He simply didn't slow down or look until far too late with the result that he must have hit me at about 20-30mph. I was extremely lucky that he only caught my back wheel rather than hit me full on but I still ended up in a mess and he didn't finish braking until back on the A343 heading towards Sailisbury! Equally I went into the back of a car at a roundabout near Waterloo when he had to brake and I was too close to him. My fault although I was still the one who ended up with a skinned leg as I was clipped in at the time!

    When I was riding in London, it became clear to me that the only way to do it safely was to be ultra assertive on the road. That way cars were forced to actively overtake you (as they would a motorbike) rather than hugging the pavement and allowing them to slide past you which inevitably led to you ending up pushed into railings! I'd also go and sit about 10 feet in front of cars queued at red lights so they'd see me.

    It is interesting that a disproportionate number of cycling casualties in London continue to be female. It has been suggested before, and this tallies with my observation/belief, that this is because they are far more likely to stick rigidly to the rules and are less assertive on the road. Next time you see a cyclist behaving in a way that doesn't accord strictly withe the Highway Code it is worth considering this factor.

    By the way the road license argument is a load of cobblers. The vast majority of cyclists do own other vehicles and thus pay it. In fact car drivers should thank them for removing another car from the road - particularly at rush hour!
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  12. Brake test - how many grey cells are in you simple little head?
    Road Tax - long gone, and you pay to pollute not to repair the road. Small cars have no VED. General taxation pays for the road
    Insurance - most have it as part of their household insurance - 3rd party liability. But many cyclists take out additional insurance.
  13. What I hate more than cyclists is those twots on wheeled food mixers, aka mopeds. Sometimes resisitng the urge to slam your brakes on when there's a gaggle of chav bikers riding your slipstream is almost too much. Would I be correct in thinking that if you did wipe some out this way it would technically be their fault as the folloiwng ' motorist'. Especially if you claimed to brake for an imaginary dog or suchlike.
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  14. We are just about to embark upon another silly season on the A9 between Perth and Wick when professional funsters are on their non stop cycle rides from John O'Groats to Uranus. They clog up the road with total disregard for road tax payers. I know successive governments have tried to rename road tax into vehicle license fund or vehicle emissions duty just so they can charge us again for using the roads but at the end of the day whatever they call it it is still what it always was road tax. And relax.