Cyclist assaulted but no charges?


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Listen mate, I live in Cambridge. Cycle City. It should be mandatory to assault every bloody cyclist on the road, and execute the ones on the footpath.
Points win prizes!! Glad i live in a country where the first thing the cops do is give suspects a damn good kicking. On the other hand what is it with all these people who have to film every ride they do these days. What do they do with the footage- have a **** when they get home? Sad Baskets.
They probably use the footage to support their claims when assaulted by others. However, (although I am one), there are some terrible road manners by cyclists, especially in groups - I cycle alone. But also by car drivers.

There's a few page thread on this somewhere, quite recently.


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(BBC News online)

Senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge has promised to be more careful in future, after hitting a cyclist with her car door.

Mrs Hodge was canvassing in her constituency in Barking, East London, when the incident happened on Wednesday at around 18:00 BST.

Not clear whether she unscrewed the door before hitting him with it or if the reason for the assault was the cyclist's refusal to vote for her. Anyway, good drills Hodge

What's that all about then?
I assume the van driver lost it because he couldn't overtake the parking car, because the cyclist was in the way. The prat.

You get cnuts like that, basically their attitude seems to be that cyclists don't belong on the road, right of way doesn't count for bikes.
It'd be interesting to know what he was cautioned with. He committed at least 3 offences that I can see. I'm not even convinced he was going to turn left initially but the other cars at the junction were obstructing his path if he was, so the only person being obstructed was the cyclist.

I guess he has a helmet cam because stuff like this happens, if he hadn't filmed the incident the punchy dwarf's behaviour would be completely unchallenged.
Listen mate, I live in Cambridge. Cycle City. It should be mandatory to assault every bloody cyclist on the road, and execute the ones on the footpath.
I also live in Cambridge, and you ******* in cars keep trying to kill me when I'm on the road! When you lot get slapped with the 20Mph universal limit there will be cheering!

Although students should be punched because they have it so good.


[/NAAFI mode]

I do agree with this bloke though:
Drivers complaining about cyclists is a bit like Ray Winstone crying because a little girl is standing on his foot
Am I the only one who thought that vid. was quite funny. Cheered me up no end.

Why didn't the bikey turn his helmet-cam off and rip the little tosser's lungs out ?
The biggest danger on the roads are drivers/cyclists who do not seem to have a care about anyone or anything that is deemed to be a hindrance to them getting from A to B, I for one stick to the highway code, including stopping at red lights and I'm a road cyclist. A little bit of discretion and forethought would allow all road users to tolerate one and other.

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