Cyclist and tube.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. 'I'd happily run him over': Cyclist who took part in controversial BBC documentary inundated with hate messages and death threats | Mail Online

    Typical arrsehole cyclist really, not saying all cyclists are arrseholes, but this one definitly is.

    I had a dealing with a similar arrse piece.

    Imagine the scene. Road, cycle lanes either side. Traffic is chocker on the left hand side, but empty on the right, as we are going iin to town to a cross roads.

    On the right is an Aldi.

    Woman, about 50 odd, is turning left, in to the quiet lane, and next thing you know cyclist over her bonnet.

    I watch scenes unfold.

    He starts getting a little 'agitated', gets his iphone out (yes, he is that arrsehole) and takes pictures. I park up safely, and get out.

    Hello there. He immedately, starts ranting about what has happened and how she's going to be done. I just remain quiet, but I do remind him that I did see the whole thing, but what I say is going to be what I saw, not this pr1cks interpretation.

    Copper turns up, asks what has gone on.

    I identify myself and inform the copper, 'this guy was cycling way to fcuking fast, down the wrong way of this bike lane... at which point cyclists jaw drops open.

    He was under the blissful ignorance that people don't know that the bike lane (despite being marked) actually goes the same way as the traffic.

    Don't know how it panned out for him or her.
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  2. I watched the TV programme and it was very evident that this idiot went looking for trouble. His road positioning was what I would call "agressive" in that he put himself in situations that would enevitably end up in conflict with other road users.

    They also showed some CCTV footage of a lass getting flattened under a cement lorry that was turning left. The fact of the matter was she had come up his inside (after jumping a set of lights) when they were both doing around 20mph and right into his blind spot. It does not take a genius to work out that on a road with lots of left hand junctions, the most dangerous place to be is on the inside of a large lorry, especially when it is signalling left!

    Cyclists should display a duty of care to themselves and other road users, just as equally, so should car drivers.

    Have to say, the scottish chap that nearly got flattened by a tanker that barelled onto a roundabout and nearly wiped him out had a fair claime to a few swear words!
  3. It would be fun to watch the fall out if push bikes were linked to individuals like cars and other motor vehicles.

    Having run pushbikes, bikes, cars and trucks through London, I'd say bikes are the worst, firstly the implication is that they are always in the right, they are uncatchable if they do a runner, lastly if they do cause damage and you catch them, most don't have insurance.

    The number I see round London relying on street lighting to show them up, as they ride with no lights, wearing dark clothing, is phenomenal. Whilst out in the sticks, with no lighting and narrower, though faster roads, the living ones are lit up like Christmas trees.
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  4. I cycle in London and have virtually no problems, simply because I NEVER cycle beside ANY type vehicle at all.
    I also use empty parking spots or pavements to stop and let big vehicles pass that are tailgating me.

    A bit of common sense and courtesy works wonders and most motorists are grateful and friendly.

    I have seen mong cyclists, or lycra warriors as I like to call them, who think their safety is everybody elses business and take risky maneuvers to save 10 seconds on their commute. And people who cycle beside Lorries and Buses are just dicing with death. Urban cycling takes a lot of skill, foresight and care, lots of people underestimate it, cyclists and motorists alike. It's not childs play.

    HOWEVER, I have had ***** overtake me quickly to turn left right in front of me, cutting me off and forcing me to slam my breaks. What the **** is that about? Just wait 10 seconds you ******* bellend. I'm only travelling about 5mph slower than traffic, if that.

    Also, motorists accusing cyclists of "cycling too fast" make me laugh, there isn't a separate speed limit for cyclists, you just underestimated my speed and didn't look properly.
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  5. Lack f testing could be a problem, many that I've seen either don't know the rules of the road or don't care. Running red lights swerving in front of cars, or (my fave) darting on to the pavement when it suits them.

    I'll just put this out there, is the cycle lane a contributing factor? Do they feel bomb proof in the lane?
  6. There are twats on two wheels, there are twats in tin cans.

    The major difference is that no matter how twatish a cyclist is, the twat in the tin can will come off better in the event of a collision.

    Some of the twats I saw on the programme need to remember that there are no winners when lives are involved.
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  7. I cycle in to work most days without a problem and I never have issues with cars or other traffic overtaking me. I do have huge problems with traffic turning right across my path, and on roundabouts though, even though I'm illuminated like Blackpool prom during the lights. I suspect may car drivers are very unaware of just how fast modern cycles can go.
    I did watch that documentary last night and that London cyclist got my hackles raised. What a chod! As had been commented on by another poster, he seemed to be deliberately goading traffic at times.
    That poor guy in Scotland though, he was VERY lucky. I'm a bit surprised that they never gave us the outcome of that incident as I'm sure I'd have had the footage into the police asap!
  8. I cycle a lot and drive a lot and as CTD has said there are ********* on 2 and in 4 wheels. What some drivers fail to realise they may be saving 10, 20, 30 seconds in their life, but it could cost the cyclist their life. It is not a trade off, both have to have respect for each other and obey the rules of the road.
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  9. What a prat. But then he was filming for a TV doc so if nothing happened, like most days, it would have been an even more boring programe. A typical lycralout who will probably be getting a P-zero tattoo down his back fairly soon. Not representative of most biker usuers. He has probably done more for tha case of registration of bikes than anyone else yet will shout the most if legisation was implemented. Beyond any education.
  10. I think the worst thing that happened to me was a portuguese couple with young daughter look to cross the road.

    Look right at me (travelling about 30mph), then look the other way, no traffic coming from there and step RIGHT OUT IN FRONT OF ME.
    My handlebar hits the childs head and I make a perfect impression of superman.

    The kids' head was lacerated and there were loads of tears. I felt terrible for the poor kid.

    Obviously it was all my ******* fault, well, according to the mother of course, the father was a bit more quiet about it.

    ******* mong parents.
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  11. It's not just civvies. I used to go to Dalton Barracks, Abingdon, a lot. Amazed at the number of blokes going back to the patch on a dark December night would ride out of the front gate wearing DPM and with no lights, head onto what can be a busy road with no streetlights; amazed the RPs didn't rift them, must always be fun doing that to SNCOs and Officers, let alone soldiers.
  12. "Furious cycling" is the term for speeding on a pushbike I think and you can be done for it.

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  13. if one of them is dead and the other is alive i'd hazard that there was a winner.

    i was having the peasant on a bike vs motorised gentry argument with a friend of mine recently and i do think he holds to the view that whatever happens if he's in the cycle lane then he's in the right. i tried to point out that you dont get into the same bother on a motorbike (at least to the same extent) because you're not allowed to cut about wherever you like.

    he's a mate but i'd gladly run him over.
  14. Saving a few seconds can be cancelled out by the minimum of half an hour sorting a minor prang. A fatal can take days and a life time of regret.

  15. You can be done for furious cycling and if you are breaking the speed limit then you can have points put on your licence if you have one. There was a bloke done for it a while back. Bearing in mind I can get up 30+ on the flat for short periods, there are guys that can easily break the 30 limit.

    Drivers sometimes underestimate the speed that people can get up to on a bike. Consequently cyclists need to realise travelling at 30mph in the rush hour is also the easiest way to end up in a pine box.