A couple of questions for people who are in the know on AT.

Is mounting biking now recognised as AT?

If so, where is this documented?

What qualifications are recognised, allowing me to plan and lead an expedition?

It is recognised AT.

Get in touch with the Northern Ireland Adventure Training wing at Ballykinlar. They run the necessary courses and can advise you / supply instructors if needed. They can advise you how to organise training closer to your post if you arent in NI.

Havent got the number as Ive been out for over a year. Ask the Mil Op.
Mountain biking is not classed as adventure training yet. To take a group out you need either a Trail cycle leader qualification or a mountain bike leader qualification which is a touch higher. The trail cycle leader is fairly limited in what you can do as you have to stay within a certain distance of civilisation (cant remember off the top of my head) and cant over night, you have to return to a base camp.
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