Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mennox, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey all

    Been gradually building up my fitness for the past couple of months, i still got a way to go tho. Altho i do go out for the occasional run, and the past 2 tuesday nights with my unit i dont get out as much as i could.

    I do cycle alot and lately been putting more effort into it...with me only running twice a week...will cycling also build my stamina/fitness up?
    I cycle average 40 mile per week

    Cheers guys
  2. what you mean Wah?

    Its a perfectly legitimate question thank you
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Cycling is one of the ultimate activities for building up stamina and cardiovascular fitness, not to mention back and leg muscles.

    Try and get in a couple of hours per day, cycling as hard and fast as you can all the way, up and down steep hills and long flats, you'll be either dead in no time, or a lot more fit for the forces.

    Combine it with vigorous swimming.
  4. cheers mate

    been riding my bike since March, and altho my legs/calfs muscles are stronger and bigger, lately it just feels like going to work and thats it....i have been putting more effort into it but like you said, ride fast and hard is what ill have to do from now

    cheers :)
  5. actually, now that ive thought about it, what i was meant to say was, since im only running twice a week, will cycling help me improve on my running aswell or do i need to find extra time to do more running?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, cycling will indeed improve your running. As for feeling like you are simply going to work, that sounds like it's working.

    Keep the cycling up, but push harder. I did it for years, again, as hard and fast as I could and what became a 'normal' manner of cycling for me, blew away anyone I went cycling with. I never had any problems with tabbing with bergen or running.

    You WILL need to do something else for your upper body strength too.
  7. Running will improve your running, cycling will assist. Your joints bear no weight when you cycle, they do when you run, combine the two sensibly and you'll be fine

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  8. excellent cheers guys, was the answers i was looking for.

    A couple of month ago i was struggling cycling and it was before i know it im at work and think is that it? lol....i love cycling now i just need to step it up abit
  9. Keep at it, averaging 40 miles per day would be a lot, 40 miles per week is a gentle warmup.

    But it's a good start.
  10. Trevelez is right, cycling will likely help your cardiovascular fitness (essential for run fitness) and will also likely perform another importatn function; it allows you to rest between running sessions.

    Justloitering also has a good point. However, his/her data is a little off. 40 miles a day is nowt. I commute further than that each way and still do another hour at lunchtime on ecery day less Mon and Fri.

    Here's a general tip about cycle training: Forget 'miles' and 'miles per hour', effective cycle training for CV and endurance is all about 'time at intensity' (eg hours at heart rate (HR)). Excessive intensity (ie going too fast) may be fun but it is the path to failure as you will never recover properly and simply wear yourself out. Aim to train at about 75-85% of Max HR (ie not very hard). To establish your Max HR you should do a Max HR Test. Do not use the old 220-minus-your-age formula because it is simply nonsense (eg my Max HR is 216, which would by that theory make me 4 (which I am not)). If you don't have a HR Monitor (and I no longer use one), just go on feel; you should be 'slightly taxed' and be able to carry on a normal conversation. Incidentally, a similar principle applies to running.

    The most important things in any training regime is to ensure that you get adequate rest, your diet is adequate and of good quality and you keep hydrated.
  11. Cycling 100miles(ish) a day, Dragstrip. Your not planning a trip around France any time soon are you?
  12. Here's a couple of websites I've been using for years:

    The training log (trilog) in the above page is spot on.

    40 miles a week is relative to the terrain of course. Saying 40 miles a week is nawt is a bit disheartening. Cycle 13 miles up Alp d'Huez takes a fair bit of time compared to 13 miles on the flat.
  13. I don't think its the distance you want but the timing. 40 miles a week equates to about 5.7 miles a day. If that 40 miles was in two sessions then fine but if it was done over 7 days then not so good. For stamina and CV work you need to be doing no less than about 40-45 mins of non-stop work. Try and vary your work load, cycling, swimming, jogging, rowing machine etc over different days or even two of these in a daily routine, this will stop you getting bored with one thing.

    Everybody will have their own way of training, you do whats comfortable and what you enjoy.

    Good luck.

    B_T :D
  14. Hmm, with hindsight I fear I may have exaggerated slightly. 100 miles is a fairly unusual day for me (ie maybe once every couple of weeks). The average day is rather more like 35 miles if I'm honest.