CYCLING TO WORK - please help and sign It will benefit you

Gents and ladies, if you are cyclists and military, did you know that our civilian MOD employees as our counterparts get up to 49% per cent off new bikes they purchase, if they are using thier cycle to get to work, however the military do not. See attached petition link which explains all. I would be greatful for you support and greener envoirnment and most of all cheaper bikes for military chaps/chapesses MODS, I would be greatful if you have access to rum ration and E-goat to post it on there also. Thank you for your support.

I think all cyclist's should be hung and drawn and thir heads put on a handlbar on the tower of london's gates :evil: But i'm sure some are very nice, like you bitter :D
But..... if thats the case ,then everyone should get the feckin discount!!!
Still hate bikes tho :wink:

bumped it for u!
I went to PSF with details about the scheme a year or so ago to see if they would take part, the reply i got was it would take up to much effort to set up and we dont have the money to do it. I then wrote to Tony bLiar about it and got cock all response from him apart from the use thank you but p1ss off letter.

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