Cycling: SSAFA Ride of Britain - Edinburgh - London 21 Sept 2011


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Ping Army Cycle union ?

Event details are at The SSAFA Ride of Britain for those who have not been following the thread in Charities.

I am signed up and am looking to jack up a trg ride in Hampshire, possibly finishing at Norton House in Ashtead.

Anyone on here also signed up for this who would be interested in taking part ? Please PM me.

The charity supports amongst other good stuff, SSAFA Norton House which is located close to Headley Court.

The two SSAFA Norton Homes provide short term accommodation so that families can stay nearby whilst visiting their loved ones at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham and the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, Surrey. The houses are designed as 'home from home'. They are both located in secure and peaceful environments.

The homes are available 365 days a year and are run by dedicated on-site teams who are there to offer support, comfort and advice to those who stay. We recognise that it is often a very difficult and emotionally challenging time.

Who can stay there?
Any family members who wish to visit a loved one at Selly Oak Hospital or Headley Court may stay at SSAFA Norton House. Parents, spouses, partners, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts and children of any age are all welcome. The homes also have disabled access and facilities enabling patients to spent time there too if their family or a partner is visiting

( and as ever, there is a sponsorship link in my sig block if you are feeling generous!)

Many thanks,



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SSAFA have now opened this up to cyclists who can't commit to the full trip - but might wish to do a particular LEG over a single day.

The Legs are:

Edinburgh to Carlisle - Weds 21st Sept
Carlisle to Harrogate- Thursday 22nd Sept
Harrogate to Lincoln - Friday 23rd Sept
Lincoln - Cambridge - Saturday 24th Sept

CAMBRIDGE - LONDON Sunday 25th Sept

If you are interested in signing up for any of these one day legs plse email Laurena DiBello at



Personnel based at Catterick and Bassingbourn may wish to note.
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