Cycling: Sir Chris Hoy is back

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by RearWords, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Team GB did well at the weekend:

    1 World Record
    1 Track Record
    10 Gold Medals

    and its only Round 1 in the Cycling World Cup.

    Ok I'm a fan, been following cycling since Chris Boardman, there must be others out there? We are untouchable on the track and unless the other countries get their act together we are going to sizzle in the velodrome in 2012.
  2. The clue is in the Forum title. Do try to keep up. :roll:

    Another superb performance from Sir Chris. One of the(very)few sports this country is world class at. 8)
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    And apparently opening the gap all the time. Should be a good Olympics. The cycling being held in Manchester?
  4. Now I was expecting a new Velodrome to be built in London? If its going to be held in Manchester....I'm going to have to find some accommodation? :wink:
  5. Given the track record of UK politicians, they'll probably build a new Velodrome in London(costing double the original estimate)then hold the event up in Manchester anyway! 8O
  6. Which is probably why the IOC and the UCI are fiddling with the events: they can't have GB taking all the medals again.
    It will be at a shiny new velodrome in London.
  7. Yes there are trying to have parity with the womens' cycling events, trouble is some of the events for the men which are being dropped will hit some of our stars....Bradley Wiggins will not be able to defend his Olympic title. There will be immense competition for the slots available and some cyclists will have to change events. :x

    No doubt they will adapt and come out winning again. The foundation/sponsorship is so strong they are going to be a hard act to beat.
  8. What are the IOC/UCI going to do? Because short of nicking one of his wheels, I reckon Sir Chris is still going to molocate anyone they put up against him.

    The man's training and work ethic are insane; during the off-season he squats with over 500lbs... 8O :strong: :worship:
  9. If you look at the BBC iplayer link I posted it tells you all about the proposals (which incidentally will not be decided upon until December this year). Unfortunately it's over 2 hours long with coverage of the World Cup plus an explanation of what events will be lost and added.
  10. With all due respect to Olympians, the Olympics themselves have been a joke for years; far too many non-sports", as well as others - football, tennis and soon golf - that have no fcuking business being there. :evil:

    And the IOC are corrupt cnuts. It's harder to think of a cushier job than travelling first class around the world with politicians fighting to throw money, gifts etc at you. :roll: