Cycling in Uniform?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sparky8, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Was driving back from Tidworth this afternoon when going the other way on a bike came some bloke in MTP. Now I know it shouldn't particularly bother me but this bloke had no helmet on (didn't even have his beret on) but he also didn't have a bit of Hi Viz on.
    Seeing as he was almost definitely coming from Land and seemed old enough to be a WO or SO3-1 I was also struck by the fact that this bloke was old enough to know better especially as the Weyhill Rd is a rat run with lots of fast moving big wagons on it.
    Should we have a policy for riding safely on public roads whilst wearing Uniform? I know it's a bit nanny state and all but it just seems a serious accident is inevitable, especially with mongs like this bloke...

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  2. No, let him ride his bloody bike.
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  3. Dick someone to stand on every single exit gate of every single camp stopping riders unless they're properly attired? Not really workable considering a helmet and hi-vis aren't a legal requirement in the UK.
  4. If he's old enough to be a WO or SO3-1 then he's old enough to make his own mind up whether to be seen and safe or be stupid and dead.
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  5. Lets hope he was polite and not mouthing off at the gate staff...

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  6. I hope he wasn't freewheeling. 'Idle on the bike' goes in the book.
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  7. I don't want him not to pal but wearing MTP on a hedge verged road is just suicidal in my eyes.

    Perhaps I am being a bit OTT, maybe I should just drive down the 303 in the future, that way I dont get to see him splattered and I dont get caught up in the inevitable post accident traffic jam.
  8. Personally I agree.. Said individual is being rather selfish, just think of the copious amounts of traffic which would amount if he was to take a tumble.

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  9. Pretty sure, saw his TRF but can't remember what Regt it is. 3 horizontal bars, equal width, think the bottome one is purple. Is that RDG?

    Bloke must have been either late 30s with a hard paper round but more likely early to mid 40's balding and breathing far too hard for the downhill stretch he was on!
  10. His head probably gets sweaty with his nice warm, woolen beret on in these warmer weathers, give him a break. Plus MTP doesn't actually blend with much in this country, so I think he'll be okay.

  11. What next? Compulsory hiz viz for the wuperts when gadding down the Mall on their nags?
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  12. Wouldn't wearing hi-viz negate the benefits of camouflage?
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  13. I sometimes ride a horse down that road. Sans high-viability bib. Pun intended.
  14. I once got bollocked by an LE in Larkhill for riding my bike without lights. Swearing loudly at him and calling him a fat craphat seemed to I pedalled away furiously.
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  15. So even though he was in MTP and therefore apparently near invisible, you managed to get a good bit of A - H, check his TRF and perform a quick check of his physical condition and levels of exertion?

    Sure you were paying enough care and attention whilst driving?

    The only thing he's done wrong is to be out in public and improperly dressed if he wasn't wearing headress.