Cycling from Lands End to John OGroats with a broken back



I'm just about to head off and cycle from Lands End to John O 'Groats, climbing the Three Peaks along the way. Was just wondering who here has done similar trips and whether they had any advice? Things like whether to get a seat with one of those cut out grooves in the middle or how many miles are really feasible to cycle in a day over the Highlands of Scotland...

If you fancy sponsoring someone who broke their back whilst serving in Germany and was told he would never walk again and is raising money for Spinal Research then please do so here: Cycling the UK and climbing the Three Peaks for Spinal Research

Cheers all,
Charlie :)
Can't answer your question about the seat, but just wanted to say, hope all goes well and well done with tackling this no mean feat.

I too broke my back in Germany and was told I may never walk again, and here I am, attending the gym and everything is almost back to normal, it only hurts when it gets cold.

So all the very best to you.
gel saddle plus really good cycling shorts, as to the highlands well depends which route you go sustrains has some excellent maps for guidance.

Distance per day well down to how fit you feel once you clear the lowlands.
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