Cycling for Charity

Firstly a big thank you for merely observing this thread...

I am writing mainly as a guidance plea. I have been tasked with organising adventure training for a group of 15 of us all young and old. I have decided that cycling the Coast to Coast route from Whitehaven to Tyneside would make a nice change for the team and also why not make it for charity.


stumbling block one.... cycling is not adventurous training!! but paragliding is..... i dont make the rules!

So where on earth would i cry to for some dollar! we dont mind paying some costs ourselves however why does Bicester or Donnington hold bikes if they can not then gain funding to complete an arduous cycle.

My original plan was to make the cycle over 3 days to add the striving for summit element but we have a 50yr old+ member and we dont wanna end his life of some sunny hill top...

If anyone could suggest any ideas as to who i should realisticly(?) go to then please help. also i've tried my cycling sports officer and he put me onto the RATO who doesn't answer and never calls back purely because i am merely a group asset not HIS regiment!!

And if anyone would like to sponsor (SSAFA and Diabetes UK) when everything is done and organised then please leave your details and i will personnally contact you.

Thank you again. And i refuse to turn it into a cross Pennine bloody walk!!

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