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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lamster, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. remember signing this petition ages ago.... here's the responce:

    Details of Petition:

    “At present, UK military personnel are being disadvantaged by not being able to be part of the Cycle To Work Scheme. MOD personnel are actively encouraged to take part in this scheme but this does not cover military personnel. Military personnel are expected to keep up high levels of fitness and one way of doing so is by cycling. Many military Units have limited car parking spaces and Commanders are encouraging personnel to cycle to work. Active participation for military personnel within this Cycle To Work Scheme would enhance personal fitness, cut down on emmissions and reduce traffic activity.”

    Read the Government’s response
    Thank you for taking the time to create an e-petition on the participation of UK military personnel in the Cycle to Work scheme.

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is committed to promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing pollution wherever possible, and, although the MoD does not participate in the Cycle to Work scheme, it encourages greater cycle use with similar schemes.

    The MoD operates two schemes to promote bicycle usage: one for Service personnel and one for Civilian staff. Eligible Service personnel can claim a non-taxable benefit in the form of ‘Home to Duty Travel allowance (Pedal Cycle)’ which reimburses them for commuting to work on bicycles. The allowance is paid at a daily rate based upon the distance cycled. An internal review has suggested that this allowance is already more advantageous than the likely benefits available under the C2W scheme.

    MoD Civilians can apply for interest free loans of up to £1000 to enable them to purchase bicycles. The MoD continues to keep these policies under regular review.

    So generous 8O
  2. sounds like a winner. TBH the C2W scheme is the dogs for small/medium companies (and should be heartily promoted) unfortunately with anythng bigger you start to get into credit schemes, tendering regulations etc and it gets complicated. Better to push for storage solutions, showers and such.
    The alternative you're being offered-how much per mile?
  3. If I had my way people should have to pay to bring their bikes to work. They are a total hazard on the roads and then when they get to work they moan like hell about there not being enough space to park their precious bike or not enough 'things' to padlock them to

    Tax the damn things I say why should the lefty lentil munching cyclists get away with contributing nothing. Tax the bike and charge them for parking it.

    And those lycra shorts, so last decade......................
  4. the NHS, councils, LEAs, all seem to manage ok?

    i've been around this buoy a few times - the official answer is a complete and utter cop-out which in reality = all a bit difficult so we won't be doing it.

    the HDT rate is about 8p a mile or something punative - personally i'd rather have a brand new bike for half of the RRP price than claim my 30p a day, £1.50 a week, £50 a year.

    A £1000 bike would cost around £500 under the scheme, so that's around 10yrs of commuting to just break even!!!
  5. shut it fatty...

    the position of unit sports prevention officer is already filled in our unit....don't need your input too
  6. 8p amile?!! Barely enough to buy a can of 3-in-1 over a year.

    Dan, you're dead on. It is a bollocks way of fobbing people off. Properly thought out, there is no reason public bodies like the MOD/police/Civil Service cant get it together. It does'nt take much, the paperwork is dead simple once its set up and everybody wins. You get a half price bike, the company saves at least 200 quid. As we say in Egypt, you can't asay Pharoe than that.

    But the how can such a pro-car state be seen to subsidise cycle use?
  7. I hope your not taking too much on Danny?!
  8. i got the bike & bits for £575ish a few months back
    get £42 took from wages
    but after the tax/NI breaks the employer gets
    i only feel £25 a month loss

    i've been told that once the 12moniths is up
    for a final months payment i get to keep the lot

    so it'll have cost me around £325 for a £250 saving
    sweet 8)
  9. no...those handover notes from you were mega!

  10. As it happens I do use a bike occassionally but I don't feel the need to become a pious twaat when I do. I also don't expect to be treated as 'special' when I use it.
    For large numbers of people the car is the only practical means of transport especially in rural areas. I travel 19 miles to work and I go to work 2 hours before the first bus and finish about an hour after the last one home. No choice.

    Those who can use bikes by all means carry on but don't expect society to pay for you to do it.
  11. It takes either 30 mins in a car (Central Brum) or 15 mins peddlin. I'm usually cut up on my journey at least once a day. Over taken followed by a swift left turn infront of my path, next minute I'm over taking them again because they're stuck in traffic. No*bers!
    The gov needs to promote cycles as much as poss, especially in the cities by using both saftey and purchasing schemes. What a joke 8p per mile. I heard that it was just to complicated for JPA????

    Agree with the shower coment. Where I work there's no shower facilities because it's rented offices. Work with about 30 other personnel from different services. Thank god there's Lynx!
  12. A fairly simple and straightforward approach could be to get rid of the cycle rate of hdt and just pay the car rate.
    In a previous posting i used to cycle to work and am probably one of the few people to have claimed the cycle rate. It probably paid for a tyre over 2 years!
  13. Sometimes cycle, sometimes drive. Looked into this a couple of years back and made two discoveries.......

    1. You have to declare that you are are driving or cycling, there is no mechanism for claiming for each method on seperate days. This leaves the individual effectively making a false claim as he cycles when in receipt of motor allowance or vice versa.

    2. HDT requires a contribution to be made (9 miles?) before the individual gets any cash. A 9 mile cycle into work is about 35 mins, not a small undertaking and for no financial return. Incentive=nil.
  14. IIRC:

    HDT traveling from forces accommodation (SLA/SFA/SSFA) requires a 1 mile personal contribution as it is what is reasonable to expect someone to travel to work.

    HDT traveling from private accommodation requires the 9 miles as it is your own choice to live there.
  15. Well if better cycle paths where provided the cyclists would not be in your way. As for not enough space for bike storage, how much more room does a car take up? How do you work out that cyclists contribute nothing? If they are going to work they are almost certainly paying tax and how much damage to the roads do you think cyclists do compared to cars and trucks?

    It is in your interests for more people to cycle to work. The more people that do that, the less congestion on the roads for people like yourself who don't have that option.