Cycle to work scheme

The Regs are talking about it here:

but it seems sensible to highlight it for people who will probably find the admin a little easier. It's a really good scheme. Unfortunately I work from home, so I couldn't convince HMRC that I needed a cheap bike to get downstairs to the office, but Mrs. A is getting one (plus shoes, lights, helmet etc.) later this month. (other schemes are available, I understand).


I've used this scheme a few times and I've saved a few quid in the process.
My employer has closed the scheme until June :x
Still, once June comes I've got one picked out- costs £450, and I'll only pay back about £250! :D
Up until sept last year my work had ran this scheme.

£1000 worth of cycle plus equipment.

I phoned yesterday to see when they would be running it again only to be told that it had stopped indefinitely due to the scheme supposedly only being open to people 18 or over. Our company employ 16/17 year olds so they had to scrap the scheme because it was not "open to all"!

They also said that after the period of wage deductions they used to sell the bike to you at approx 5% of it's value at new but HM revenue and taxes have apparently said that after the 12 month period the bike must be revalued and then sold at that price!

So much for the gov give employees a tax break on keeping fit! W@nkers!

Fcukin' raging now....
My wife did it for a while until she fell off her bike and got quite badly hurt, she works for the NHS her reward was a disciplinary hearing for being off work and their equivalent of a three month warning, she is now back to using the car.


Kinda fancied this scheme until I spotted that the employer owns the bike once it's paid for... I can just imagine the "fair price" our PSAO would try to hit me for if I asked to buy :roll: :x

Would almost certainly turn into a toy for the QM if it was half decent :(


Cyclesheme simply administer the scheme for you, saves companies who's accounts or HR departments can't manage it the bother.

How is it a scam exactly?


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I believe you can claim something like 2p a mile if you use a bike to get to the tac and back...

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