Cyberwar unit? (reserve)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Sig_Mercury, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,

    A little less then a year ago I while I was still in the TA I was told by a Major that there was a unit being put together specifically for tasks and roles within 'Cyberwarfare'. I didn't really get much more information at the time, I was just told to hold out and wait to hear from him but I had to drop out the TA for a bit. As I'm looking to re-join and no longer have contact with this person I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about such a unit and how to go about contacting them. I've tried the various recruiting info lines and offices but nobody seems to know anything about it.

  2. You must be talking about Project TRON.
  3. There is no spoon...
  4. It will be coming - Future Reserves 2020 mentions the word cyber as a specialisation for both the TA and RNR (light blue probably are claiming all ownership of it anyway...).

    So sometime in the next 7.5 years it'll be coming...
  5. If you have to ask... you'll never know.
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  6. Are you sure it was cyber and not 'cyborg'?
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  7. it was in soldier mag a few months back... can't remember much about it. Looks like somesort of haven for coneheaded geeks.
  8. Fitted for but not with Windows 95.
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  9. Upgraded then.