Cyberspace a master weapon

Apparently the British Army force developers have predicted:

* A reduced likelihood of national,inter-state conflict

* An increasing civilianization of conflict, with a blurring in the distinction between soldier and civilian

* Resentment between the global 'haves' and 'have nots'

To quote Maj D Applegate and his thesis 'Exploiting the Multi-dimensional Battlespace'....Information will become a 'master weapon'. "It includes attacks in cyberspace against military, financial and civilian information infrastructure; psychological warfare; propaganda; deception; media management; and the altering of behavioural response in individuals and groups." 8O :roll: we used to say in Rhodesia 'Careless talk costs lives'...or is it all just words and words mean nothing....???

You mean they've been reading the papers since the Berlin Wall came down ? I mean, if they've only just noticed those trends they must have been living on the moon.

The information battlespace is the key to victory today. It's a shame we take so little account of it, although we do better than our cousins in this area. Mind you, who couldn't ? OBL and co have used it to convert a large chunk of the Muslim world to their point of view - mind you, the US have used it to convert a large part of the Muslim world to OBL's point of view. They might not think they're in the game but they are.

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