Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by essexbob, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Due to the actions of some of the members here, I cannot any longer gain access to my cyber bitch looloo. I rapidly require a replacement. If any members want to engage in soft sensual seductive chat, or just pure disgusting filth put your name on the list.

    Septics need not apply as I have Italian heritage.
  2. So that rules out a septic applicant why?
  3. Inbreeding?
  4. An italian called Bob from essex, do you work down the local Pizza Express, I'm sure I've seen you 8O
  5. female septics are selfish lovers, me me me me me
  6. Nah, he's the local 'Mr. Whippy,' in more ways than one! :wink:
  7. When oh when will women learn, sex is...


  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ice cream, whippped mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. yes i know you. You order far more than you can handle, although it is quite erotic watching you suck the spag bol off your fork, course not so erotice when you start to droll it all over the next table, like a window licker, after consuming 3 bottles of cheap, ish is it pizza exprees, chiati asking any passing bloke to "take me , use me, i will do anything for a portion of cherry cheesecake" :D
  10. You're getting me confused with your mum again.

    I'm the one thats turning tricks out the back by the bins to scrape enough shrapnel together to go down the local discoteque
  11. I am not confusing you with my dear departed mother. I havent had a bj from you, yet, nor have you dressed up in leather gear and pole danced when I passed my 0 levels
  12. That would explain why you are so fecked up :twisted:
  13. no.......... i am fecked up because my dad used to dress me like micheal jackson in the early 70,s and take me up the gary whilst dancing to 'rocking robin', i didnt mind that but then he used to make me watch Dr Who
  14. EB, is this thread all about...

  15. Unfortunately, all women are now like that. If its not "I want a multiple orgasm, and I want it NOW!!!" it will be "What do you mean you cant reach my G spot with your tongue?" or the old favourite "Well (insert random female name)s boyfriend/husband/yoga teacher can manage it 14 times a night, AND, brings her breakfast in bed!"

    FFS, where can I get hold of some bromide? :wink: