Cyber Surrender

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Grownup_Rafbrat

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    Saw that, and wondered whether anyone on here would have a view.

    Seems utter utter madness to me.
  2. They are already on trail in the US for installing PRC NTM within US telecoms systems.

    BBC News - Huawei and ZTE deny US spying charges at hearing

    I believe they have already been involved in a major BT network upgrade and there were suspictions surrounding that but I don't know what the outcome was.
  3. They provide hardware along with ECI for FTTC technology. I've yet to see these devices try to take over the streets.
  4. We have a government of duplicitous quislings blithely selling us down the river. BASTARDS.
  5. In 2002, when reviewing and submitting a bid for the US Department of Defense to provide a Fibre Optic routed IP network across Europe, we were told that Huawei were specifically excluded as being a suitable equipment to build into any proposed network solution, the reason being was the possibility of "back door" monitoring or interception of traffic going through Routers and higher equipment.

  6. I think it's pretty clear that you don't have a ****ing clue as to what you're talking about.
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  7. Along with many other tech companies, Huawei have a presence at BT's Adastral business park in Essex. They were found to be running promiscuous routers on site, hoovering up every byte of data on the LAN. Passwords, server addresses, database details, commercially sensitive emails that the round eyes cant be arrsed to encrypt, the lot. Claimed it was an accidental misconfiguration of their routers.

    As stated above, Huawei are notorious for this type of behaviour the world over. They're like a fekkin black hole for network data and that's one reason why Boris turned down their amazingly generous offer to wire up the entire London Underground for mobile phones - free of charge.

    It's illegal to take an encrypted laptop through customs and into China so many companies issue their business travellers with a "bare" laptop with just MS Office installed and no sensitive data. Commercial data can be downloaded as an encrypted data file on reaching the hotel. As you can see from the drawings of the Chinese Chengdu J 10 fighter and the Eurofighter Typhoon, neither the Eurofighter Consortium nor the RAF are too bothered about encryption.

  8. As I recall it there was a fuss about these Chinese companies a few years ago in the States. There were allegations that the FBI had found software hardwired into some of the telecom hubs they had provided for a goverment program, that could have allowed unaurthorised access to the systems it was to be installed on. I had assumed that this was simply US paranoia and an attempt by US companies to get their business back even though they were uncompetitive in price. They may have had the right idea, there are some things you don't want your potential enemies to have access to.
  9. All canard foreplanes look similar. Them two are hardly carbon copies.
  10. Huawei have very limited technology to deploy but when they deploy it they seem to make holes in partnership networks and security systems on an above average case. I work for a company who as a policy will have nothing to do with them or their subsiduaries. As regards the laptop thing, the only item I am allowed to take into China is a clean laptop and phone, which I must return for inspection when I get home..
  11. I bet Cisco don't install back doors.
  12. All that intelligence seeking effort - for canard?
  13. What's this got to do with ducks?
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  14. Incidentally, the Americans have a cheek complaining about this sort of thing. It's rumoured that the NSA made extensive use of their echelon signals intelligence network when Boeing has been competing against Airbus for big contracts such as the USAF refuelling tanker contract.

    It beggars belief that people allow their competitors to put them out of business rather than press the encrypt button on MS Outlook.