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Cyber Security Challenge 2011

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Litotes, May 24, 2011.

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  1. The UK Government is repeating last year's Security Challenge competition which sought to identify people with potential cybercrime fighting skills. So, if you are a geek or a proto-geek and fancy a challenge which might lead, perhaps, to a new career, you will have to register here:

    As it is a UK based competition run by the Cabinet Office, which is in Downing Street, I was very surprised that the registration form told me that I also had to register at the US Government DoD website here:

    DC3 Challenge 2011 | Apply Now

    I became seriously disinterested once I realised that I had to provide my inside leg measurements to the Americans. I have no wish to end up on an American DoD database that identifies me as a potential hacker!

    I see no reason why my full details should end up with the US Government (although I accept that, for various reasons, they may already be there) so I will be giving this one a miss. You might feel differently, so Good Luck!

  2. Oh, so you'll send the US Government your inside leg measurements, but not me?

    I feel robbed.
  3. You wouldn't answer your phone after I sent you my inside leg measurements....


    Lits xx
  4. That does seem odd, from here I'm guessing it's related to sponsorship in some way. I will ask about it anyway as I'm curious, and as I work for one of the companies involved, should be able to get you a reasonable answer. We do have a serious lack of new talent coming into the industry, that much is well known. Actually, reading the DC3 Privacy Policy I'm going to take a SWAG that it's to stop professional penetration testing teams sneaking in some ringers for some easy loot.
  5. OK, it's all quite simple really. The CSC registration is closed until Spring, that registration page is for the DC3 challenge, which is run by the septics even though it has a UK category.
    It is not the registration page for the CSC.
  6. You might not want to get involved if your name's Gary McKinnon.
  7. Tried to register under the name Kevin Mitnick. Not heard anything yet.
  8. Thank you, BV_Technician, for checking.

    The website, however, is adamant that you have to register with the Americans:

    **Registration for the 2011 DC3 Digital Forensics Competition is now OPEN. Please submit your details in the form below, and also be advised that you MUST also register on DC3′s website.

    Maybe it's just another badly designed Government website!

  9. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    How dare you!!
  10. Read what they are saying. ;-)
    It's the DC3 Challenge which is a US run competition, so you have to register with them for it. It is not registration for the CSC.
  11. Thank you. I accept your position but I interpreted this paragraph somewhat differently:

    **Registration for the 2011 DC3 Digital Forensics Competition is now OPEN. Please submit your details in the form below, and also be advised that you MUST also register on DC3′s website.

    It MUST be the way in which "MUST" is capitalised that fooled me.

  12. We can just blame the septics anyway, all good. In other news, the actual CSC registration is now open for any that are interested.