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CYBER ENGINEER - Royal Signals questions


Afternoon all,

Before I start with my actual questions, a quick back story on me:

I joined the Royal Gibraltar Regiment in 2007 and left in 2016, during my 9 ish years served I worked in the Signals Platoon (wing) for around 5 years. Starting off as a Regimental Signaller and finishing as a Det Commander (RSDC) qualified (didn't promote to Cpl from LCpl as I signed before joining the board)

So I gained a few sigs quals and my first stripe from my cadre etc before I left for Civvi street, I have been out over 3 years now and since leaving the army I have worked as a IT tech, Service/Help desk tech, Service Operations Centre Engineer & now Desktop Engineer - so I have gained a mixed amount of civvi experience in IT from a systems/infrastructure/networking perspective.

Now for my questions:

I am looking at applying for the role in the above title, I have been told that the role is fairly new and reformed from a previous role so its still quite green and new in the R.Sigs.

1 - Is there anyone here who is currently in the role, training for it or have good knowledge of the role/path?

2 - How the application process is to get in the role?

3 - What life is like in that trade (day to day work etc)

4 - Likelihood if I were to get into the role, that I would touch on systems relating to a network/infrastructure type job role

Apologies for any confusion in my questions, the job description/training is explained on the British Army site - but nothing beats hearing the info from the horses mouth.

Thanks in advance


i thought this was just one of those roles they use to fill the website up

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