Cyber Defence on the cheap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A2_Matelot, Sep 29, 2013.

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    1. Yes, the UNIX time was correct, but time() returns the current time, not the UNIX start time.

    2. Pseudocode? The strings are all legit. Define the function and variables and it would work. PHP 7, if it's not your language.

    I also tell jokes in su.
  2. Whimper.

    PHP Security Cheat Sheet - OWASP

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  3. renice 19 $(pgrep 34MRR)
  4. Have a like for not using an unnecessary cat before the grep (no idea why people do that). The problems that the MoD faces is the same as every time they start this process, namely technical specialists that are moved in the classic Forces fashion every 3-4 years, and once they obtain CESG CHECK qualifications they will leave for civilian consultancies for 2-3 times the salary. In industry there is currently a massive shortage of CHECK Team Leaders and that has been largely unchanged for many years. In short, whatever capability you build as a military entity, you will lose them quickly to industry.

    Oh, and while :; killall "$ENEMY"; done
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  5. Pffft. There is but One True Language, and its prophet is Stroustrup. Let the Holy War begin...:twisted:

    for (const auto& target : recce_pl->targets() ) { mor_pl->neutralise ( target ); }
  6. Holy War? Do you write your shell scripts in vi or emacs? Indent with tabs or spaces? ;)
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  7. There's always Powershell for scripts
  8. Empire is a good example of that.
  9. for run in {1..3}
    exit 0
  10. This thread is making me erect.

    I thought you were all thick ;)
  11. Ctrl-X Ctrl-K the unbelievers! Death to those who leave tabs in source code!

    Exceptions or return codes for error handling? While we're at it, Hungarian notation and camel-casing rather than underscores...
  12. So never then?
  13. <koff>camelCasing</koff>
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  14. Error handling is for wussies, Hungarian notation I never understood as the compiler already knows what something is cast to, also CamelCase or camelCase?