Cyber Defence on the cheap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A2_Matelot, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. LIAG provide a level of assurance to systems. Whatever systems are used by the cyber defence 'team' will no doubt be assured by LIAG I.e. They will be involved

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  2. MB - you were evidently not involved in some of the discussions that I have been party to.

    Slime in one corner - users of gathered data or not - and LIAG in another bumping their gums about how the rest of Defence doesn't understand Cyber...'oh and have you seen my new tablet? It's really great! Etc'

    So we will agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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  3. As I hit my late 40s, it struck me that the wife (in her high-powered IT assurance role) is now probably more desirable from a reserve forces employment point of view than I am, even with my 25 years as a software engineer :(
  4. Ha! Snap! (ish, I'm still a sprog ;) )
  5. Yes, I suppose if a "Snowdon" type was attested, at least he could spend many years at Her Majesty's Pleasure in an iso container in Afghan
  6. Thread resuscitation: (Ah ah ah ah stayin' alive, stayin' alive.)

    The Bundeswehr have just established a new command that is responsible for cyber defence.

    It's known as the Cyber and Information space Command (Cyber und Informationsraum) (CIR) which brings together all the serious CIS players from across the forces but especially joint units.

    CIR English CIR German1 CIR German2 CIR Homepage

    Within it are the Signals units, EW units, all the major comd sp units, research and policy bodies along with a raft of others. Headed by a 3 star, it has a seat at the top table and is expected to grow rapidly, eventually encompassing all units that collect, process, store, transmit or protect information electronically.

    Much to their chagrin, they all have to wear a new dark blue beret, with a brand new cap-badge, rather than the well recognised red one they have had for decades.

    I have seen quite of bit of this being implemented and I have to say that it is a very broad range of capabilities, but they are taking it very seriously and looks like the new 'sexy' thing to be involved in.
  7. Sarastro

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    I'm sure we'll find out $soon.*

    if ($country === UK) {
    $soon = _time_start_timer["time()",">=",630700000];
    else {
    $soon = (echo 'soon');
  8. :rolleyes:Not sure whether you're trying to set a 19-year delay timer, or suggesting that the UK started "soon" in 1989...:rolleyes:
  9. Sarastro

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    I think I'm trying to get an undefined function error, but it's: what the rest of the world does soon, will take us at least 20 years.

    It's true what they say. Saracasm just doesn't translate.
  10. Too true. I was going for a geeky in-joke involving UNIX time (number of seconds since midnight on 1st January, 1970) and so decided to poke gently at your pseudocode, with added smilies... also acts as a nice example of requirements ambiguity, leading into the "AI will doom us all, programmers are a dying breed" thread.

    You'll know that Cyber is taken seriously when there's a G6 cell in BG MAIN, and their Squadron Commander is standing next to the BC talking about offensive support to the Main Effort. Or when Pl Comd's orders contains "HE, Smoke, and jamming from H-5 to H+5". When the manpack ECM is a standard platoon item, not just for defeating IEDs; and you haven't just got a FOO in the Coy TAC Party, you've got a bloke carting a DF antenna and talking on the Arty/EW net. When the Bde Deception Plan doesn't talk about blinding En radars and jamming comms, but of injecting false targets and inserting spurious reports & returns.

    When "search the enemy position" includes a standard line, "Check for En crypto-enabled kit".
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  11. "Corporal, nmap -F -A that tank."
  12. Cyber will be taken seriously just after the first CO from 77 Bde is given his DSO for influence style operations...
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  13. Tricky. What's the better syntax?

    grep "BMP" GR123456 | rm -rf *
    kill -9 34MRR ?
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