Cyber Bullying

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarryPalmer, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Damn! And there was me hoping it was a guide......was hoping to brush up on a few skills.
  2. So, that'll be the majority of ARRSE then?
  3. Plenty of throbbers stick their heads above the parapet on ARRSE, nobody asks them to, so its hardly bullying is it.
  4. No, my comment was more tongue-in-cheek.
    Most people ask for it. :)
  5. Gotcha, getting a bit dense in my old age.
  6. What happened to natural selection? Bring it back so this whiney crybaby crap will go away.
  7. I thought that you were the one giving the tuition...
  8. You smell of wee. *steals lunch money*
  9. Kids today really are idle little turds aren't they.
    Whatever happened to proper bullying, you know, shitting in your victims schoolbag, sticking bubblegum in their hair and giving them a good kicking for being ginger?
    A few harsh, abbreviated words on your cellphone is hardly traumatic is it, unless your a total jessy.
  10. natural selection was done away with and superseeded by the human rights act!!!!!

    i really liked the quiz bit of that website? did anyone else take it?

    apparently i'm quite mean and have participated in cyber bullying without even realising it!!!!

    oh i'm sooooooo sorry!!!!!!

    bloody nanny state!! :roll:
  11. Cyber bullying isnt as much fun as proper bullying, unless your idea of cyber bullying is to strap someone to a chair, force their eyes open Clockwork Orange stylee, and make them look at MDN's cross dressing pics on this thread.

  12. Block them?
  13. Oh I don't know, we made LNV top herself :D
  14. We did you mean. You were too busy trying to shag her you grotty little man.