Cyber Attacks attributed to North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 8, 2009.

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    A worrying escalation? Or just random hackers at work?

    Any comments?

  2. It is likely there be more of thses attacks in the future.
  3. Very high-tec for the Dog-Eaters. I have to admit, I did'nt think NK had that kind of capability, given their Nukes are fireworks by modern standards.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    A DDOS attack does not require any clever capability.

  5. I'll have to take your word for it Boss; takes me all my time to log on to ARRSE! :lol:
  6. Something about this smells distinctly fishy to me. SK is one of the most wired societies on the planet; their broadband infrastructure makes the Europe and US look pitiful; and I'd have said that they were top of the list of countries most likely to have their act together to deal with this sort of thing. Their home grown MMO industry is worth an obscene amount of money, it must deal with this sort of stuff every day. NK on the other hand is one of the least wired societies on the planet - just where do they get the hackers from if 13 year old boys can't spend 8 hours a day online in their bedroom reading 4Chan ?

    Mind you, US Govt cyber security is notoriously bonk as that autistic UFO nut recently proved. They spend a lot of money but just don't understand the problem.
  7. DDoS does require bandwidth somewhere in the attack chain (unless you are doing really clever service exhaustion attacks - but you don't want to know about that) - North Korea has very little to spare, even at government level. As msr says, the tools are widely available but the ability to do reflection multiplier attacks (such as the ancient 'fraggle' and 'smurf' attacks) has been severely limited by backbone blocking of broadcast target addresses.

    I find it really difficult to believe that there are any "random hackers", pro-regime or otherwise, in DRPK. Now there are plenty of deluded "better together" nationalists in South Korea, which is, as o-o-t-s says, very wired. Or they could just be talking, deliberately or otherwise, total b*llocks.

    Having worked with them, the South Korean CERT capability is just as effective as every other government org on the planet. Some really good people, plenty of "management" and "political realism".