CXF-combined forces=Walts????

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. This internet group seems to have some presence claiming they are veterans of certain wars, and former special forces guys, the leader happens to be a convicted thief who was booted out of the British army, who then also claims to have fought in the first gulf war, at the age of 14 LOL.

    This group is famous for protesting over the rochdale grooming gangs, but then it turns out one of their members a Liam Pinkham turns out to be a child groomer himself.

    please read

    here is a little detailed background info on the whole group

    Plus, the admin is also famous for praising the American soldier who went AWOL and shot those Afghan children and people who were asleep in their homes.

    I mean come on, banter aside, would it be beneficial for the British army to have such trash representing them on the net???
  2. They don't represent us, although I get your point.
  3. Cocks to a man(?).
  4. To quote Basil Fawlty:

    "I've seen more intelligent things running around a farmyard with their heads cut off"

    These mouth breathing morons would struggle to win a battle of wits with a bucketfull of plankton.

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  5. I've seen a lot of their drivel on Basefook and they strike me as being the online presence of the EDL.

    Racists mouth-breathing twunts to a man.
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  6. And the army has fuck wits like this still serving! The pond life will get a shock when they eventually arrive on civvy street and realise they cant tell the chocolate jokes to the black guy in the office etc.
  7. I was back last week in the UK and had to walk from the shithole station up the hill to the shiney new medical centre in Aldershot. There were several posters stuck on vacant shop windows in town claiming to recruit for CXF. Most of the posters had been artfully covered in witty grafitti; nonetheless I do fear that CXF might attract some ex Service personnel, although unless they wish to recruite a Gurkha Bn (or some Methos), I suggest that Aldershot of 2012 is not the place to source new members.
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  8. I just looked at their faceache site. Take time to ahve a look, laugh and then wonder...

    Combined Ex Forces (CXF) | Facebook

    Why is there a photograph of a group of them apparently pissing on a war memorial? And who the hell are the Casuals United? Are they aligned with soccer violence now?

    If you were one of the Royals in that current spot of bother, would you want twats like CXF supporting you?

    And who are these cadets that they are talking about? Is it CCF or ARMY/Sea/Air Cadets - or is it their own 'Cadet Division"? Sure as eggs these guys (bloaters the lot of 'em) are not CRB checked and would you want your teenaged kids hanging around with this lot?
  9. Sad group of twats, that phot of the little girl wearing the CGB is the worst. Not cause she is wearing it, but because there is a good chance that her dad is a pathetic moron who is a member of this shower of shit.
  10. first time I've seen an outrage mobility scooter. I might check back next week for more exciting photo's of them hanging around Liverpool.
  11. They are an odd bunch but some of them did serve. They are closely linked in with various other far-right groups like The Infidels and the National Front.
  12. These dickheads are everywhere. They have tarnished the name of our Forces and tarnished the ethos of the Skinhead culture. A true soldier stands by his brothers in arms, stand back to back, proud of what he/she does regardless of colour, creed etc. The "Original" Skin is not a rascist, he danced to Ska, Reggae and Northern Soul. The "boneheads" jumped on the BNP bandwagon and became the morons that we see and know today. SHARP - SkinHeads Against Racial Prejuduce. So please don't tarnish me with them.

    Summer of 69.
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  13. U
    Be careful, if you start putting simple facts forward you're going to be accused of being a lefty apologist who is in favour of sharia law. We all know that the appropriate attitude to these situations is to moan about the fact that you can't say the N word but black people can and then prove how clever you are(not very) by using the words Gibsons dog instead.
  14. I am minded to give this sad bunch a stiff ignoring, but it seems that their spindly tentacles are spreading - as I mentioned above, there were some A4 posters up in Aldershot (town) last week.

    And why do they have that bloated look of the intellectually challenged? And why can't they use apostrophes correctly? I could go on...
  15. I would imagine that this is just a group of has nevers trying to get some cred....but a mong themselves.