CWGC Website Changes (not for the better...)

In case anyone's interested, outrage buses are departing from WW2 Talk and Great War Forums (no doubt there will be others) over a glimpse of forthcoming changes to the CWGC's search engine. (Can't get on to them from here so can't link them.)

For a brief period the other day, a new search page came up. Initial enthusiam over a tab tagged 'Advanced' evaporated when this was found to be a rework the 'old' seach page. The new 'Simple' search is very simplistic.

The big issue is that CWGC have changed the URLs of casualty records so links from external websites or databases stopped working. @Security' has been given as a reason for the change though there are conspiracists who think this is a step towards a pay-per-view system. Of course, CWGC have 'consulted' users on this change but no-one knows anyone who was.

Yesterday, the old page was reinstated due to technical problems with the new one. It would be nice to think it was taken down to address users' issues but that is clearly not the case from the content and tone of the little feedback that has been received.

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