CWC G10 Issue watch.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Krieg-Hammer, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. Looking to get myself a G10 watch. Not been lucky enough to ever get issued one. Seen various listings on eBay but as you know, so many things are faked. One seller is selling a pile of them. Funnily enough all dated '89 and doesn't show the full back of the watch for the serial number. Silvermans are a rip off. Is there any other legit place that sells them?

  2. I'm sure the ones on ebay will be genuine ones. They're only around £22 for the MoD to purchase so hardly something worth faking.
  3. Why do people want them so much? They're gash.

    Buy an omega seamaster instead, or the Tag 300 SLR. They're much nicer.
  4. Withams auction them off every now and again. Although Argos do some nice watchs that tell the time just the same.
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  5. Because a G10 watch is really cheap and when you are getting on a bit really clear and easy to read. They also show that you don't need to have a penis extension in the form of an expensive watch.
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  6. They also show a lack of taste, style, and bank balance.
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  7. You could also go for an IWC portofino. Lovely looking watch. I may buy one
  8. Ha I did have a Lorus imitation...... Lasted like a month! I like the G10 watch. Solidly built and tells the time. :)
  9. I bet you want a regi strap for it too.
  10. Regi strap, and one of those tactical covers that go over the watch face.

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  11. A walking cliche.
  12. Aye and I'll have half a dozen of those regimental/help for heroes bands too......
  13. Rolex is the way to go, they're pretty and they work.
  14. I agree, about 3 grand would do it for a stainless steel model, weight is about right and bragging rights are epic.
  15. I shall see what's floating about - when you need one by? Does it have to be A1 condition or is a bit of flesh of the ****** I mug stuck on the watch acceptable? (No promises; the owner might be bigger than me.)
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