CWC Divers watch wanted to buy.


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Odd that, I've had the SBS version for about 5 years, working fine. Battery must due to run out soon though. Never wear it these days, as it is a bit on the big side. Good watch though. Or have I been lucky?
You're kidding right ? I thought they were supposed to be good. Any idea what divers are using (even if it's not issue) ?

Cheers for the info' all the same still like to buy one for my collection if anyone has one of them.

AB, want to sell it then ? :D

i dropped both mine, but only from about four feet (in the same place to, changing at work) explained this to the nice man and the second came on for free, but if they are supposedly so ally surely they should stand being dropped?

I've had mine for three years - no probs. Wouldn't change it.
Omega Seamaster, as good as a Submariner, but much less ubiquitous.
I've aleady got a Rolex GMT I I got for my 18th b'day back in 1981. I'm not looking for the 'ultimate' watch, I'd just like a CWC divers to knock around in for those occasions when I'm out paddling and the consequences of losing the watch would be catastrophic . It's not about replacing the Rolly either, I've got insurance. I'm just very attached to it now and as it gets older I've become less willing to risk losing it. I've got a G10 but they don't like water.

Had one for nearly 8 years & still going strong if not a little scruffy looking. Only one battery change so far & its been all over the world in all climates never a problem with it. Lasted longer than my G-Shock !!!.
Got given a CWC SBS watch a couple of years ago by HM stores, looked nice and appeared to be strong and robust, got it serviced and the watch repairer said "what a piece of crap". Looking at the innards i was shocked how much plastic crap is in there. Although it told the time welll, it was too bulky and just outdated. You can buy better Jap watches.

This was a genuine MOD CWC issue before you asked. Got rid of it on ebay for a couple of hundred.

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