CVRT précis?

Discussion in 'REME' started by NorthEndTillIDie, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. I have been kindly volunteered by my new OC to do the tiffy trade paper and maths next week. He thought it would be a good idea as it is my last chance to go tiffy as I have served 14 years. Its 7 years since I finished my class one and have never touched CVRT since, so does anybody know if there is anywhere online where there may be any technical info on them, cheers in advance!!
  2. Tytus_Barnowl

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    Think about what you're asking for. Your OC is probably doing this for him rather than you.
  3. Have you thought about:

    • contacting Bordon and asking if they can email you the relevant info (using Dii of course)?
    • telling your OC he can poke the tiffy crap as you're happy following the artisan pathway?
    • just having a go at it and seeing if you know enough without trying to cram your head full of shite that is outdated and may not be required?
  4. Why not use the AESP system that will contain all the info you need ??? TDOL has it and it's up to date.
  5. First POC is Bordon for the precis.

    Have you go the practice paper for the Tiffy Trade exam? If not again get in touch with Bordon who can send you one out.

    Lastly if you are attempting either without any sort of revision then you really are crazy. I have invigilated on several trade papers with guys who have done no revision, I would say in all cases they had failed as soon as they sat down. Get the prectice papers, get the precis and get revising.

    As for the maths, get on a course or get your local ALC to assist you, you can get practice papers for this also!!
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I have been given a practice paper and a couple of old ones, I am fairly happy with everything bar Cvrt. I rang Bordon this morning and unfortunately they have nothing they can email me as they don't use the précis anymore, but the fellas in light A were very helpful and said if I was to travel down in the morning they could answer my questions. Cheers guys!!
  7. Good luck on the Dark side.
    in a few years your old mates will be saying, "rememebr old Tilldie, he was alright once, did a good 14 years, one of the lads, would share a shortie, swap duties, nice guy. but then he went Tiffy!!!!!!!!!"
  8. Nah, I need to have friends in the first place, 14 years has already put me in the grumpy artisan frame of mind.
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