CVRT Confusion

I've a question.

What CVRT are we useing now? Is it the Sabre or the Scimitar? and when did the other Vehicle get withdrawn from service?

I ask becuase the Army website has the Current CVRT down as Sabre, but everywhere else they call it a Scimitar.

Many thanks.
Turret was off a fox . It had a 7.62 chain gun . They got rid of them when CVR(t) was getting diesal engines .
recce cpl- any idea when FRES is coming in? rumours on the grapevine is that its going to be wheeled instead of tracked, do you know anything about this?

I was told by my OC the other day (at the naafi ) that because of the army overspend etc , we will not see FRES for years and years . They will keep updating CVR(T) .
Sorry to be pedantic but...

CVR(T) is in fact a family of vehicles of which Scimitar is but one.

They are:

Sabre, Scimitar - Recce variants
Spartan - variety of uses, i.e. Mor MFC
Striker - Anti Tk variant
Samson - REME Recovery Variant
Samaritan - Med Variant
Sultan - C2 Variant (or ice cream van!)

See Army Web Page for details.
recce-cpl said:
I was told by my OC the other day (at the naafi ) that because of the army overspend etc , we will not see FRES for years and years . They will keep updating CVR(T) .
RC, I think what you meant to say was 'they will keep CVR(T).' I don't think it has much growth potential left!

As for wheels vs tracks. There are some very capable wheeled vehicles around these days (Patira AMV and MRAV) that will give tracks a good run for their money off road and will cream them on road. I suspect that FRES will probably end up as a mixture, depending on the cpability required.
had the opportunity to do the trial on VERDI 2. Anyone remember that? Excellent concept, but putting it in a smaller vehicle than a gutted Warrior was the main problem, heard at the end of the trial the new recce vehicle would be a cross between VERDI 2 and whatever was 'popular' at the time(?)
How the feck can you be a hybrid between tracks and wheels? Tracks on one side and wheels on the other? Or is FRES going to be a half-track? White Scout Car w/Bofors anyone?
A lot of scimitars have got espire fitted now (thermal) it is a great bit of kit . What people forget about recce vehicals is that they are really a radio platform for the crew to use . A lot of the time FR regiments are dis-mounted in OP's etc . Its the crew that is the very important bit . Passing information on what it can see higher granted CVR(T) is old ( my vehicle was made when i was one ) it has been updated numerous times and there are some even newer updates knocking around Bovvy.We used it at Dogwood and it proved how good it was there . However with Bowman etc there may be problems . A lot of other countrys use wheeled vehicals . Generally they are much bigger than CVR(T) which is pretty pointless for recce and once again in our business its the guys inside / outside that matter .
So Recce_cpl you mean the crew sort of act as dismounts?

So apart from Fres, and the now defunct TRACER program, what are the options for a new recce Wagon?

I Only guess that the Only option (apart from keep on upgradeing Scimitar) is Panther be taken on for the role as Recce as the FMRAV is way to big. Correct?
LISTY to answer your questions . In FR yes there is a lot of dis-mounted stuff if its in scimitars which operate in pairs 3-4 crew members would dis-mount . As for new vehicals it was all go for Tracer then that got scrapped so it switched to FRES that is still the plan so i have been told , but there is no money around to pay for it . CVR(t) is still good for a while yet but a lot of it depends on the Bowman stuff . Panther havnt got a clue . I love my scimitar and its got the best BV in the army thats the important thing .
But tracks are noisy where wheels are not! Dont get me wrong i worked on CVR(T) for years and loved it but dismounted OP's are for support troop whilst mounted OP's must be done from a turret in order to best use your optics, TI etc. RC is totally right when he says its really a radio platform but with Bosnia and Kosovo the platform must be able to multi task and protect itself and others if need be. Pros and cons with tracks and wheels and some highly paid rupert will make that decision one day!

Just take a look at what ATDU are playing with at Bovvy and that might give you a clue!?!

RC the most important thing of all is, as you say a BV! The difference between the armoured crewman and a grunt!!!!
recce-cpl said:
I love my scimitar and its got the best BV in the army thats the important thing .
'cept when it sloshes scorching hot water all down the gunner's leg. When he's trying to do BATCO. And his girlfriend just left him. Mech recce - happy days :cry: :wink:
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