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I'd appreciate some help from any of the REME/RAC types out there, with a research project I've recently taken on:
A friend of mine is the proud owner of a CVR(W) Fox. Its military registration number is 08 FD 67, & he asked me if I could possibly find out its date of manufacture (as this could determine whether or not it falls outside the road tax bracket) & the unit(s) it served with.
Now I'm aware that Fox was mainly issued to TA RAC units, so I'm thinking it may have belonged to a Yeomanry unit somewhere; I know it's a long shot, but does anyone recognise the registration plate number? I've checked the vehicle over externally & can find no sign of tac markings, but there again I'm not even certain if the paintwork is original to its last unit.
As for its date of manufacture, he kindly gave me a photocopy of the vehicle data plate. From the top, left to right, it reads: ROFL (I assume Royal Ordnance Factory Leeds), Contract No: FVP 1/71 (the assumption from this is that it was built in 1971, but in what month(s) did Cont.No.1/71 begin & end?), Veh.No. 08 FD 67, Code No: 08688000.
The second line of the plate covers Modification/Repair data, & only has one entry - Class of Repair: Class 1, Date: 8/84, Wksps No: 34 C/W. All other repair lines are blank.
The final entry on the plate is the bottom line - Covered by CES No. P/30181/1.
Questions I'd like to be able to answer for him are as follows:
1. Unit the vehicle was issued to, as discussed above?
2. Anybody know the approximate month of manufacture, from the info given above?
3. Where was 34 Command Workshops? If it's still open, it's probably now part of the ABRO orbat, & its location may give a clue to the vehicle's user unit.
4. CES No. - I know there are several websites where pamphlets & manuals can be downloaded from; can anyone give me the address of one where I might be able to find such info?
I appreciate this is a tall order, but any help fellow Arrsers could give would be very welcome. I know more difficult technical questions than this have been answered within these forums, & my mate would be most appreciative. Either in open forum or via PM, I don't mind.
Thanks in advance for any assistance which may be given.


34 BASE WORKSHOP REME was at Donnington.


Mine was 00GM94 and it was based at Weeton Camp a Type B Bn posting Infantry airportable!


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Brush_Dust_Shake said:
Now I'm aware that Fox was mainly issued to TA RAC units
... but not exclusively.

In the mid-70s Armd Recce was undergoing a period of change (like equipping BAOR recce regts with CVR(T)).

By the time 15/19H deployed to BAOR with 3 Armd Div in 1977, the sabre element of the OrBat for an Armd Recce Regt had settled as:
2 medium recce sqns each of 4 times 4-car Scorpion troops plus support and the usual add-ons
1 close recce sqn of 5 times 8-car Scimitar troops and very little else, because each of the five troops was semi-permanently attached to one of the five (two armour, three infantry) battle groups in the division.

When 15/19H moved to Tidworth from Omagh to retrain as recce, A Sqn were designated to be the close recce sqn and were issued with Fox as the new Scimitars were all earmarked for BAOR. Fox allowed them at least to qualify on the Rarden 30mm cannon, while retraining all their CVR(T)drivers on Scorpion.

We took over our vehicles from 1RTR and I am sure they had followed 16/5L. We were followed by 9/12L who I believe were followed by 13/18H.

If any of these regiments turns up as having owned this particular vehicle, there is a good chance it belonged to more.
They were also used by the infantry recce platoons
Look at - lots of info on there. Also the RLC Museum now has the vehicle record cards I believe after the Army Transport Museum closed down. Try for manuals and some parts.
Thanks very much to all who've posted replies so far - I've passed the info on to my mate & he's very grateful for it. I knew the Arrse Spotters' Society would come up with the goodies for him!
Thanks once again, much obliged to you all :D

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