CVR(T) Toxicity - Scorpion

Discussion in 'RAC' started by mr_angry, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Is it true that personnel who were trained on CVR(T) Scorpion are eligible for a payment of £6,000 when the leave the army, as long as they sign a disclaimer saying they won't sue the MOD for problems caused by toxicity after exposure to the fumes from the 76mm round? It's a rumour going around here at the moment!
  2. It's Friday afternoon and v quiet - so, sounds as good a rumour as any to start.

    THAT one was doing the rounds in 91, shortly after HQDRAC sent out the signal which, in essence said 'Fer fecks sake - stop firing the bleddy things!!'

    In my defence, I am very old and stand to be corrected on these things - if so, my claim is in straight away :D
  3. No it's not true. All 4 RTR regiments used Scorpion to varing degree's, If this were true then I'm sure that the RTR Journal "the tank mag" would be full of it and getting us to fill in our claims forms and "fill our boots", but it's not.

    Good rumour though! I like it.
  4. Did a few years on Saladin and seem to recall there were more fumes from the .30 Browning. Can't see there would have been any difference with the 76 on Scorpion than on Saladin.

    If there is compensation going I hope they include us.
  5. Probably a good rumour for the MOD to start IMO, because if it's true, they'd have to settle for a lot more than that if courts get mentioned...
  6. I remember when the scorpions were withdrawn. It was rumoured at the time that the fumes were linked to a rise in Parkinson's disease in ex-crewman.

    This is a link I found while trying to add a bit of truth to the rumour
  7. Id have said the fumes you were in most danger of, was from fellow crewmen, lets face it, it was hardly a major occurence sniffing 76mm fumes now was it!!
  8. I had a long chat to a bloke at ATDU about this and yes, the fumes from the 76 were the reason they were withdrawn (you would have thought civie H & S would have been binned when the 3rd Shock Army approached the Wesser, wouldn't you!).

    Some were sold to Belgium, whilst otheres got a make over with fox turrets and kicked out to Inf recce pl with their 'lower siluette' IIRC.

    As to the fumes and compo, I've heard that too, but never from someone who's made a claim, and come on folks, if there's cash for whinging and being sick, you'll find a queue of 3/4 Dancers waiting for it!
  9. i heard that it was linked to altziemers, but the mod wasnt going to release a paper until 2028, there by any one who served on scorp wouldnt remember even being in the army, thus saving the taxpayer a few bob. never mind that i want to know what damage it did to your intestines,if a cordite fart can clear a pub in seconds i can only imagine the state of the small intestine, there may be a claim for colon cancer in the future
  10. I want compensation.
    Because of the army, civvies make me sick. :D
  11. When they introduced compulsory "Turret Breaks" because of the build up of toxic fumes (allegedly) the first thing most crews did after dismounting and post de brief was head for the smoking area, chain smoke 3 or 4 fags then get back in the turret! :?
  12. During my time as a Scorp commander, the only toxic effects I experienced were very smelly farts during range firing - funnily enough, the same happened when I was a Chieftain gunner :?
  13. Scorpion was binned/converted to meet the requirements of the Conventional Forces Europe treaty in 1990. (As I have been saying on here since I joined...)
  14. This is true I'm afraid (if rather dull) as the 76mm main armament means its classified as a tank (albeit a light tank) whereas Scimitar, Fox, Sabre et al are armoured cars. Hence it was an easy, if slightly disingenous, way to reduce the number of tanks held by NATO and the UK.
  15. The toxicity hazard was identified mainly due to L42 (nae fume extractor, d'ya see?). Before they finally sacked it, some bright spark even came up with a version of a firefighter's BA, the intent being that crews got dolled up like extras on 'Laaahndan's Burning' and were then invited to thrash around inside the turret like a demented MS sufferer..........until it was pointed out that the toxicity was mostly absorbed thru the skin, so dressing in permanent face welly was of feck-all use!!