CVR(T) Scimitar FV107 manuals

Hi all,
I was informed by NRC and APC Glasgow that because I was rejoining I would only have to do the relevant phase 2, role specific training.
I left the infantry and rejoined fancying a different role, so long story short I've rocked up at my regiment, passed everything, medicals etc. Kit issued. However, I have no training on CVR(T). Ideally I'm looking for a maintenance manual or something that can aide in my learning prior to Cat H cse, part 1 sigs and conversion course etc.
Saw some online but they are photocopies and the throbbers are selling it for £80.
Can anyone advise?
Please no knobbers, throbbers or old and bold comments. Cheers
Chap, there is no way on God's green earth that pre-course sight of the manuals will aid you on the D and M ('H' licence training is not just driving) phase of training.

Even during formal instruction, the 'M' bit requires the instructors are obliged to have the pamphlet open in front of them.

That applies more so to the Gunnery phase (I assume you are still obliged to carry out that phase also).

. . . anyway, good luck.


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CVR(T) driving is a piece of p¡ss if you have any existing driving skills. My B3 driving course (conducted in-regiment) consisted of a week (or less) learning Maintenance, how to check oil levels, etc. The test involved iirc (45 years on) a vehicle first parade and an oil filter change, both conducted with servicing schedule in hand.

Then driving. Some cabbying on the Driver Training Area on the Plain, back of barracks (Aliwal), then a few trips on the road to the greasy spoon in Netheravon near iirc 7 Regt AAC on the road to Upavon. Or other way to another greasy spoon outside Andover. I doubt these days they'd let us park up at the cafe at Stonehenge. After a week they queue jumped me in front of the converting Chieftain drivers to take my test first, two per trip.

Instructor told me to take the QTO (Eskimo Ness, the SQMS) to the Driver Training Area. After about ten minutes over all the obstacles with aplomb, he asked if I might head for the road so he might actually test me please?

Drove to a layby about here:

Told me to get out and let the other testee have a go. He drove back. First non JLR B2 CVR(T) crewman in the regiment. Cheers easy.


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Up to date manuals will be used as part of the course, don't worry about it.
Manuals ought to be on the CES. If you're maintaining the vehicle, they'll be there to refer, trainee or veteran.
Manuals ought to be on the CES. If you're maintaining the vehicle, they'll be there to refer, trainee or veteran.
Manuals are on the CES, but normally thrown in the bottom of a bin covered in oil and mud. But with the electronic age paper copies are becoming scarce.

But when training the crews we had one per student so they could reference it in their own time and speed when needed to.

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